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We Shall Stand Against The Darkness

Please ask before using. At the very least, do not claim as your own and credit me!

FINALLY, I'm done!
Another Starcraft 2 Fanart, this time not featuring a Zerg, but a Protoss unit - the High Templar!
I still get vietnam flashbacks when seeing those zappy bois ingame (even made a meme about this), but my clan mates wanted me to draw one, so here we go.

Reference for this was the original 3D model used in the "Legacy of the Void"-Cinematic.
The stupid thing is: I couldn't find the model until I was already done with the lineart and colouring (because the artist named it a DARK templar...), so I had to redo basically everything because I wanted it to be as close to the original as possible. Prior to that, the only references I had were screenshots from the cinematic, but it was impossible to make out all the details.
If anyone would be interested in seeing the making of this (including the first versions), just tell me in the comments and I'll upload that. :^)

High Templar & Starcraft II © Blizzard Entertainment
© AcidNeku
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For we are the light of the Khala. I love the High Templar due to his amazing look and armor, and for amazing abilities like Psionic Storm, Hallucination (once used on StarCraft 1), Feedback, Projection and the Archon merge with other Templar. Amazing artwork. En taro Tassadar.
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Thank you very much! :D
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I adore the colours so much <3 I love the amount of details in it, it looks so good *-*
I'd be interested in seeing the making of this, especially the first versions o:
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Oh thank you very much, I appreciate it <3 
Great! I will upload it then, just have to arrange it first C: Will probably do it tomorrow.
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I can't wait to see it! o:
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Here you go :D
If you got a specific question feel free to ask in the comments!

Making of -We Shall Stand Against The Darkness- by AcidNeku
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pretty! love the lights. 
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You're welcome!
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This is so epic!!! Great job!
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