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Warrior Cats - The Darkest Hour [Page 10]

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Nope, not a late april fools' joke. I'm still making these. I just REALLY didn't wanna draw backgrounds. Also, I had problems with the anatomy at the very beginning. like always
Basically, there was an attempt to make the first sketch in October. Then I got demotivated because of anatomy. I continued in February. (In case anyone wanna see, the first sketch looked like this.) Then, again, I stopped doing anything until March, though the main part was done in the last 2 weeks. And now here we are. I'll see you again in 2021.

And yes, another font change. Should be the final one now though as I really like this one. I generally hope I won't have the need to change the art style in any way in the future. Let's say the first 10 pages were experimental and I'll redo/edit them one day so everything is consistent.

So, Fireheart is checking if the camp is clear of any danger. When looking into the medicine cat's den, he's having an anime flashback to the good ol' times with Yellowfang and Spottedleaf, two of ThunderClan's former medicine cats.

Story & Characters © Erin Hunter

Art © AcidNeku
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...where's the next page?

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Nowhere. I don't really have time for the comic at the moment. :c

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Omg I have had the second page in my photos forever

your art is incredible

keep it up

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Thank you very much! :D
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You are very welcome

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Firestar questioning if Bluestar in Starclan... *Crashes through wall to write Bluestar twist villain AU* 
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Oh God
Bluestar chilling in the Dark Forest aka cat hell

Drinking alcohol XD

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Dang dude, I remember this.
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Gotta love those anime flashbacks!
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Yeah boi
no need for new plot when you can have flashbacks for 20 minutes instead
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