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Vyse 2020

New year, new Vyse.

I simplified the colour palette by merging some colours and leaving out the unnecessary ones like the teeth and claws - they are simply a natural white, no need to include those.
I changed the facial markings a TINY bit (the dark stripes don't go all the way around the green markings anymore), removed the marking on the upper forelegs, added the back stripes and changed a few colours a little bit. I also made the feathers optional as they're a pain to draw if you just want to make a simple drawing with Vyse.

Otherwise, the description from his old ref sheet is still pretty much up to date. The only thing I'm thinking about to revamp is his eye sight. In 2014, I said he has a slightly blurred vision because he doesn't have pupils. I now learnt you couldn't see at all without them, so I'll just say he can see normally because of demon reasons, lul.

Vyse 2014

Colour palette from top to bottom:
Column 1: Inner ears / Skin / Fur & hindleg plates / Horns & dark markings
Column 2: Green markings / eyes & horn spikes / gums / tongue

Art & character © AcidNeku
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-nimmt ihn und klaut ihn-
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do not stiel >:C
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-already steeled- sowwy not sowwy
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no he mine gwek
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y e

fite me irl smoll one
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fuk u du bist selber smol
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also ich muss schon sagen die anatomie vom 2014er sheet ist viel besser!!!

ne spaß, der boiii ist baaack
er sieht episch aus wie immer ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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ja ich weiß ich hab mich voll verschlechtert )):

thank u ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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