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Species Sheet: Senvoc [Open Species]

edit (March 8th 2017):
Some information is outdated or missing, as example:
- Senvocs don't have to be striped and you don't have to make certain areas darker / lighter than others - they can have any pattern as long as it looks natural.
- Your senvoc can have pretty much any colour, just please try not to make it look like a glowing rainbow. It's okay if you want it to be a vivid blue, but all other fur colours should stay in the same colour spectrum. So, no blue senvoc with green or red markings, for example. Other tones of blue, white and black would be alright. Basically - try to make it look like a real animal. C; (Here are some colour examples.)
- The eye and jewel colour should be bright and saturated.
- As for the size (shoulder height), senvocs are a bit bigger than tigers.
Free Lineart -> Senvoc Lineart [Free to use]

It was a contest entry for griffsnuff's contest (evil category). 
I used her species (finnedyr) for the size comparison and the land names (like "Dark Lands") of her own world (Finnedyria).
I didn't win, but it's an open species. 
If you make one, please credit me and put the link to your senvoc in the comments. Thanks!

Further information:
- Size: The males are bigger than the females.
- Behaviour: Despite their grim looks, they are quite social among themselves and will take care of other senvocs of their group when they are ill or injured. In terms of food and territory, senvocs - especially males - are very agressive, though. When male senvocs fight about territory or females, they will not hesitate to kill each other if they have to.
Those characteristics often result in several big scars and ear notches.

Senvocs are active both in the day- and nighttime, but tend to be nocturnal. Only the spruce forest senvoc tends to be diurnal because of the cold temperatures.
Senvocs are excellent hunters due to their sharp eyes, speed and good sense of hearing. 

As for the designs:
Not only the teeth, but also the jaws can vary. You can make them fluffier, less fluffier, pointier, rounder etc.


Hope you like them!
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I know you said males are bigger than females, but can I make a pair that is a rare exception, and the female is larger than her mate?

AcidNeku's avatar

Yes! That can always happen in nature, too, so go ahead ^_^

BramuShaman's avatar

Here they are... hope you like them! PS: I'd like to upload them to Sofurry, Furaffinity, and Inkbunny if that's okay.

AcidNeku's avatar

Yes looks great :D


adeerwithnotlogic's avatar
Hello! I love these guys! But I was wondering. Can these guys have horns console sort? Or no. Idm if they cannot! Also, can they have multiple eyes, mouth's , limbs, etc.I wanted mine to be a bit mutated, and most of the things here I say, i probably won't add, but I might use them, if there allowed
AcidNeku's avatar

Sorry for the late reply!

Glad you like them :D I'm not really sure what you mean with the "console sort" part. If you just wanna know if they can have horns: Originally I didn't really want them to have any because I want them to be rather realistic and so horns would be overkill I think, but now I'd say - yeah, sure, go ahead. If it looks cool, go for it.

As for mutations: Only if it looks like a birth defect. So if it has two faces, they will look really distorted and kinda like they're melting together, and an extra pair of legs would be smaller than the others and non-functional, for example. Otherwise, nah.

adeerwithnotlogic's avatar
Okay! Also, the "console sort" thing was a autocorrect. Because it sucks ;w;
Also, it's fine! I'm probably gonna add a few mutations, but when I draw mutations, I like to make them look real :>
Also, more creepy.
You should know how edgy I am! xD
Tysm for replying <3
AcidNeku's avatar

Ah okay haha

Alright :D

You're welcome!

adeerwithnotlogic's avatar
Oh, and one more question! (Sorry! xC)
But, what does the dark lands look like?
AcidNeku's avatar

All good, ask away! I'd imagine something similar to this:

Just without the green stuff. The sky would be a simply blue-gray cloudy sky. Basically just a desolate place void of any life. I mean, of course there will be a LITTLE life, the senvocs there have to eat something (and drink) after all. Like in a desert, but with more stone than sand. And a lot darker and cooler.

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Awww these are so cool! 
Can I make one?
AcidNeku's avatar

Thank you! Of course C:

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what's the pony thing in comparison fo
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-> Description

"It was a contest entry for griffsnuff's contest (evil category).
I used her species (finnedyr) for the size comparison"
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A couple questions:
1: Is this guid outdated?
2: do they still need to have the wild cat markings or no?
AcidNeku's avatar
Read the first paragraph of the description^^ I answered that there.
ExTrAx70Aesthetic's avatar
I’m making one x-x
ImASillyGyrl's avatar
Eeee I'm making one!
AcidNeku's avatar
(Sorry for the late reply .w.)
Go ahead, I'd appreciate it :D
Hollow-Allo's avatar
Quick question. this might be a little silly, lmao

But are we allowed to make homosexual Senvocs? Just being curious.
AcidNeku's avatar
Sorry for the late reply .w.

Well, it's natural, so why not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 
- As long as the character isn't all about their sexuality, because that seems weird for a wild animal. Otherwise, go for it!
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