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Setesh 2021

"This looks like Deathwing" comments inc

The sketch for this was finished in May 2018...whoops
With that being said, I'll see you guys again next year, bye. :D

Ok no I'm actually making an effort right now to draw at least a little bit every day. Otherwise this ref-sheet still wouldn't be done.
No promise...but I'll try.

The last time I drew Setesh was in 2012. D: Look at this beauty

As for info I didn't write on the sheet...Setesh is female. She's my evil and edgy as fck dragon OC. She has 5 wing-fingers and 4 toes on each foot, including 1 thumb on the front feet. She is sentient and can talk. The lava patterns (including the stripe thingies on the horns) can be drawn completely randomly, obviously, or else I'd die drawing this.
Should be all.

Art & character © AcidNeku
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Nice design, I like the horns a lot!

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You are very welcome!