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I did a thing. And of course, it's more Starcraft Fan Art. 
Inspired by Mr--Jack, who made a lot of the official Zerg artworks for Starcraft II. Check out his version of the drone. I liked how badass it looked and wanted to convey the same, even though the drone is supposed to be a mere worker and not a fighter. But then again, sometimes they do have to defend themselves. (: 
It's also the first zerg unit where I took a LITTLE bit of artistic freedom. There are only 2 official artworks and 1 ingame model of the drone (and with that I mean the portrait model, not the tiny model you actually see on the battlefield), and each looks different. I'd go with the ingame model, but...the face on that one is really ugly. I mean, it works fine in 3D I guess. But when I tried drawing looks horrible. 
The other official artwork is this one. I liked the face - and actually the whole design - on this one the most, so I based my interpretation on that one, while still trying to stay true to the ingame model as much as possible.

It took me way too long to draw this and I'm still not 100% satisfied with the result, but I don't really know how to improve it any further. So, critique is welcome.
I know that a few things regarding the anatomy or perspective are off, like the face is heavily asymmetrical, but when I noticed that, I had already started shading, so...whatever. The only thing that really bothers me is the left claw. I didn't know how to do the perspective and the shading on there to make it look natural...well, I tried my best.
Otherwise, I'm not too happy with the shading, colours and texture. It may look fine for my standard, but when I compare it to Mr--Jack's artwork, it looks really plain. :/ I mean, sure, he is a professional and I draw all too rarely, but still. 
Anyway, hope you like it. :]

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