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Twelve Thirty Three

Haven't had much time to do art for myself lately, just a little speed painting as a way of making up for that.

Edit: removed some of the description ;)
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For some reason reminds me of Rachel Leigh Cook..ah I miss seeing her in movies.
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love the expression.. sort of "HEY... fuck off, man."
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Great illustration! Featured in my 1/23/10 Journal -- [link]
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Simply stunning!
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I ADORE her expression.
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she really looks like a friend of mine :D


i got impressed X)
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WOW!!! This is very beautiful!! :love: Extremely well done work!! :aww:
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I love her expression.
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This is really cool, I love the details in the face.
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beautiful colors and a nice face :love:
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"Little Speedpaintings" like this make me train more. And smoke too. :+favlove:
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smoke? lol why?
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Cause so talented people like you just stress me out =). Saw couple of your tutorials and you somehow managed to achieve this expertise and you´re twenty now right? I´m nearly 19, and working hard to catch up, but It´s obvious I can´t make it. So I smoke :aww:
Absolutely Stunning! It's a beautiful piece, With a real freshness and vibrancy in your mark making. That combined with the strong contrast between tone and colour really bring it to life.
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that's reaaaaallly nice
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This is amazing. I couldn't even pick a favorite part. Her lips and eyes are stunning and I love the nose and hair. I love how the hair is interrupted in the background, just like it would look in life or in a photograph. I love the wrapped hair and the shadows on her neck. Really great work. The only thing I might suggest is the eye brown on the left doesn't look as refined as the one on the right, the same with the lashes. Still, it is absolutely gorgeous. Great piece. Definitely a top favorite of mine.
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I LOVE her hair! and her braid hanging down and especially her eyes! You are seriously talented! hopefully i'm gonna go through ur gallery right now and find a tutorial somewhere :)
ilona9284's avatar beautiful ...=D
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lines make it all so soft. i dunno how to describe the feeling when looking at it, but it's lovely <3
you can do that while you are speedpainting.. 0o damn.. it would take me hours and lots of frustrations =p great work
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Congratulations !
This great artwork is being featured in my journal - you might already have seen it -
because of the spamfilters of DA ... it takes me a while to get this message out to
all the featured artworks.

Hope you will go have a look at the other works too - you might get yourself some
more faves and maybe even some new watches too :heart: :rose: :flowerpot:
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It's so beautiful.

I love the colours *o*
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