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Skin Tutorial

By acidlullaby
Skin is fascinating, this is not a skin tones tutorial but more of a skin optics kinda thing. Btw I never went to art school or whatever, so erm, this is not the absolute word on the topic, just a collection of thoughts.

For info about what brushes I use check out the Blending Tutorial:[link]

I'm using Photoshop CS2 and Wacom Intuos 2 for this.

Edit: apologies to those of you who are freaked out by the little skin balls, hahahahaha, sorry really
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Thank you! I will be using this to help me!
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this is a great tutorial, thank you for making this!
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this is very helpful
Thanks for the tutorial
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gracias!!! :D this is genial  :ansioso:
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Gunna be honest, the skin orbs are pretty unnerving ఠ_ఠ
Great tutorial. One of the best I've seen. KEEP IT UP. May you live long to do more. Thank you.
Thak you very much! Great job! Great passion! I was upset for thinking that my wacom intuos 3 wasn't enough to achieve a great work! Thank you! I love you! 
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fantastic, thanks !
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Thanks For Sharing it!:happybounce: 
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Points for including bruises and veins and stuff. I've never seen that done before. :D
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this is great! its so easy to understand and learn from. when i think about it its really easy and simple teqnices sut it looks super acuret and realistic .
good jobb :3
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Thank you so much for sharing this!
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My God ! This Tutorial is so amazing!! I love the meatballs! Little Pixel Heart
But seriously, this is one of the very best Tutorials I've seen so far (and I looked up maaaaaaaaaany!).
Thank you for sharing your knowledge. la in love 
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It's very helpfull tutorial. thank you so much!
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Thanks so much for the tutorial! I've been wanting to try painting realistically for a while now. The extras are amazing!
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that is very helpfull
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This is super helpful!! I have an art contest at my school and Im drawing a girl, I was having difficulties coloring her skin but with this it will be perfect!!!!!😀😀😀😆
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This is nothing but amazing and extremely detailed! Thanks!
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