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October 24, 2011
Suggester says: "Rise and Shine by *acidlullaby is what one might expect in the future. Very illustrative and is full of a back story at the viewers' own wish!"
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Suggested by phoenixleo
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Rise and Shine

Ugh, it's too early!

Some of the crew of the airship Arch Carrier don't seem to appreciate the BreakfastBot's services.

And yes, all hardcore skydwellers wear boots in bed :P

Photoshop CS2, Painter X, Wacom Intuos 2
References used for the girls' poses.
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© 2008 - 2021 acidlullaby
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darvious's avatar
i love her pants
Nissa13th's avatar
I'll admit that I rather this day will never happen. But if it does, and it most likely will, I hope it turns out somewhat steampunk.

I love the color in this. That and their expressions.
iJakersandiRock's avatar
JamesCreations's avatar
Deserving! Definitely.

HeartOfDeath's avatar
SwanofWar's avatar
Awesome steampunk art, this is epically sweet, we need more stuff like this! :woohoo:
Ktalinfadri's avatar
Do I want those boots? Yes I do.
AnimatorRawGreen's avatar
now the question is, do the boots want you?
Ktalinfadri's avatar
cassannder's avatar
I'm sure this would be just as likely to make DD if it were two guys. No double standard on this site, though.
phoenixleo's avatar
What do you mean by that? o_O
AG11's avatar
This epic and sexy
Peaceful-Child's avatar
iceofwolf's avatar
Hee! So cute. Especially the heart panties. And the little... fish... lizard... thing!
MegaFancy's avatar
In the future, even your platform boots wear platform boots!
excessive-reader's avatar
this is really cool :D
ziggyspet's avatar
rockin' boots! i would wear them to bed.
what funny eyes she has......................
jackelares's avatar
This is how I feel some mornings :) Love the expressions
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