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Lip Painting Tutorial

I've been meaning to make one for a while now, lips are the simplest things in the world to paint but it's actually deceptively hard if you don't know what you're doing (and I don't really either, but... hopefully I know just about enough to pass on some wisdom). Meh, anyway, I used Photoshop CS but it should work with just about any painting software in the world.

Hmmm, sorry if some of the things on here isn't very clear, feel free to ask questions.

P.S I'll probably make a better one when I'm not feeling so lethargic.

Check out:

[link] for How to Paint Eyes


[link] for Portrait Painting; i.e. everything from skin tone to hair to lighting :)
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how do you open this?
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great job . thaks
EngBlossom's avatar
LOVED it !
can you make video tutorials with used brush settings pleeeeeeeeeeeeease
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Thank you for thiiis!
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im sorry i don't know if it is just me or my pc but even my laptop every time i look at a tutorial all i can see is a cover page and there is nothing else there even when i zoom all i can see is lip painting tutorial in big words with painted lips behind it how can i see your tutorial please can you help me
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You need to download the tut. to view it. ^^
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Your tutorials are great! Would you consider doing some for male features too? Males are much harder for me to draw than girls.
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I would have really love to follow your tutorial but it's not available anymore :(
we can only download the image preview :(
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I was able to open it just fine...
H3llana-mod's avatar
oh I believed that, by downloading the jpg, it will be the image in preview so I didn't understand ^^;
It works well :dance:
Thanks :kiss:
Indieartistx's avatar you open these?
Indieartistx's avatar
Oh nvm I got it!
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this is great! thanks!
SingingHerScreamSong's avatar
Been looking for a decent lip tutorial for ages. Thank you. :D
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Just a much belated thank you for sharing this wonderful tutorial, and providing inspiration to others (like me)! :worship:
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This was sooo helpful, thank you!
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Epic tutorial. Lips are hard to pull off.
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What s the link?
savcash's avatar
Once again, where is the tutorial?! All I see is a picture!!!
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Click download! =)
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