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Earth 3490

By AcidDaisy
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The tizer of our Iron Man Mark-7 suit cosplay. Just first try, every part will be fixed more or less.
And maybe it's Natasha Stark from Earth-2490? Don't know really, just like how sister looks in this suit! *o*
Photo by ~Jiyouh.

And one more thing: if you like it, please please please please click this [link] and say "like" to help us win the Avengers contest!.. Thank you anyway!
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This is really really detailed. You even put in the light of the magnet. Very stunning! Which material is it?
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heroic pose is heroic. I like this shot
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Hi nice cosplay! Do you have a link to more pictures of you cosplaying in this suit?
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Thank you) We still can't finish it, lazy asses >_____<

I have more photo in my diary here: [link]
It's on russian but it doesn't matter for photos))
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Блин!Блин! Люблю, люблю, люблю! Все твои фотки и работы!
А фотки в броне Тони это просто потрясающе! И костюм тебе к лицу!
А кто делал костюм? остались ли чертежи или планы?
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Спасибо *О* это так приятно~~~
Костюм делали вместе с сестрой, ещё если честно не до конца доделали... надеюсь через месяц закончим)
По поводу чертежей и планов: изначально делали mk3 по готовыс 3D-развёрткам из pepacura (в сети есть если поискать), но потом увидели mk7 и поняли, что всё, хотим его. И почти готовые детали mk3 были безжалостно распилены и пересобраны по-новому, теперь уже без готовых моделей, чисто на глаз. Так что чертежей и планов просто элементарно нет, их и не было. Только фотографии в процессе.
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Ага, большое спасибо! Тоже буду искать! А какой материал!

З. Ы. - Да вы девчонки, просто молодцы! Не у всякого парня на это терпения, сил и возможности хватит!
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Wooow :drool:
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Thank you!
No-no-no, it's totally not perfect yet, still so much work to do and mistakes to fix... But anyway thank you, such words make us move forward at the full power!
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This is HOT!, it looks great.
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Thank you thank you thank you so much!..
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This definitely stands out fromn the usual stuff you see on here. Interesting and very well done, keep up the good work.
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Thank you for this words! *__*
We just can't make something at half power, even if it's only first try. My conscience don't let me make mobile photos with a lame background))))
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/doesn't/ not /don't/ Ohhhh such a stupid mistake 8D
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female IM? i'm reminded of Samus.
the suit looks cool! good work!
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First idea was like this: [link]
But we make some extra photos and I think it looks more like Natasha Stark from alternative universe, where IM a.k.a. Tony Stark was born like a woman.

Thank you! It's just first assemble, we was really hurry. We happy that people like even this first try *_____________*
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