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None Shall Pass -Scarlet Witch

By Acid-PopTart
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Scarlet Witch is © & ™ Marvel Comics

Model: Acid PopTart
Photographer: Staley Cook ([link])
MUA: Staley Cook
Wardrobe: Artifice Clothing & Acid PopTart ([link])
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© 2011 - 2020 Acid-PopTart
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i liked your pose so much as the witch i did a drawing of you please check it out an please comment i do hope you like it
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the best by far of all the scarlet witches inspiring me to do a drawing i'll post when done
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looks amazing !!!!!
Loved your very sexy fire engine red cosplay outfit of Scarlet Witch, very detailed outfit and it fits you like a glove and the makeup is perfect. I am also pleased that you showed off your long lovely legs and killer curves by wearing your glossy, shinny violet pantyhose with your fire engine red stiletto high heel thigh high boots under your sexy cosplay outfit instead of being bare legged. Please accept my feedback as merely encouragement only. Please feel free to make more lovely and cosplay with you showing off both your long sexy legs and killer curves with hosiery, I hope to see more in the future. Good up the good work!
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looks so awesome
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It's good to start seeing some heroines with some curves to them. You look pretty cool as scarlett witch.I've seen some of your stuff in Gothic Beauty, pretty good.
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Very intense and lovely.
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Great job. Always one of my favorite characters.
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I'd wouldn't try...too much fun in staying!
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sweet, very well made and shot
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Awesome! You did a GREAT job!!!!
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that costume looks absolutely perfect
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look at you all fancy shmancy :D
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Awww thanks hun!!!
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Answer me these questions three!!! :D
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What ???
But, it's my wife !!!
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Woah are u kiddin me with those hips?! I must have died and gone to House of M!!! Lookin good and she really looks the part :clap:
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Hahaha yeah, I was once asked IN X-RAY from the technician if I had any kids and I said no, he then said I had *perfect* child birthing hips. Um, thanks? Hahaha!

But yeah, I got some hips and butt, must be the Greek/Egyptian coming through. ;)

Thank you for the compliments!
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