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puteriemily's avatar
woowww *o*
i hope one day i can model and texture like this!

I am currently learning autodesk maya though

LilTheFreak's avatar
wow, looks amazing, could you tell me which program you used? ♥
Aci-RoY's avatar
LightWave- modeling, 
3dmax, V-Ray, - render
Photoshop, After Effects - textures and postproccesing
LilTheFreak's avatar
Thank you for the info~~ ♥
cookie9008's avatar
Is that real if yes is that your room
Aci-RoY's avatar
No it is not real
cookie9008's avatar
What how is that possible how did you do that it has to be real
Princess-Peachie's avatar
So vivid, cheerful and nostalgic! :love:
charityleigh's avatar
this makes me think of monsters inc. :D
Katy12ML's avatar
woah it took me a while to figure out if it was real or not XD

it heavily reminds me of Toy Story~
tangerinelullaby's avatar
It's almost real! Well done!
Sathanna's avatar
Woah, I thought that was a photo of a miniature room or something! But, it is 3D... awesome! :D
papprica's avatar
I would definitely LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE a room like this :icontearplz:
Mallinda's avatar
ANIMATED MOVIE!!!! first thing that came into mind! :) very nice!
cartoonifer's avatar
So it may look real but to be truthful it is a little bland. It isn't that hard anymore to get thing to look real but if you can get it to look interesting that is another thing. Everything just seems to spread out and not to balanced. Though if this is a full room and not meant to be just a still shot that would change how my feelings are. Is this a full scene?
TheArcaneArts's avatar
sweet jesus i thought this was a photograph for a long time @o@
this is just incredible. no words can contain how amazing this looks.
i love the color choice also~ :la:
Sweet-Tangy's avatar
BluDrgn426's avatar
It's.... so.... COLORFUL!!!!!!!! @_@

If i were a kid I would love to have a room like that.
Miyazu's avatar
that's 3d??? :O i thought it was real! but then again, it's too cute to be real
tenko72's avatar
I love how colorful it is. It looks like an actual kid's room.
adailey's avatar
Fantastic 3-d render! The models and lighting are really nice. Mental Ray? Renderman? I actually like that you didn't put a lot on the shelf itself, it makes the image less busy. Great job!
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