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I have made a new account here: :iconrambling-retard:

Some of you thought I was going to kill myself. No.

Some of you thought that I was running away from something. No. Nothing is chasing me. Shut up. :chainsaw:

Sorry for the unknown plight this has caused some of you, for whatever reason. I wasn't leaving permanently, just deciding what I was going to do.

However, on my new account, certain individuals have been blocked for reasons I do not wish to explain, nor do I have to. This was the reason for my account being closed.

If you wish to add me, please do. I just ask that you not use my real name (if you know it), on my account please.

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You're back? Now I can read your poems again!
tonyatoomey14's avatar
onnee-chan!!!! long time no see how are ya glad your back =^^=
Tap-Photo-and-Co's avatar
How will I know if I´m blocked or not, never crossed it before :( maybe a stupid question, but I´m glad your back.
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i missed you

welcome back
awrighton's avatar

Can I call thee Divinity Almighty?
xbrittx102's avatar
Glad your back! Can't wait to see more of your art !!! :heart:
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Welcome back, I'll be sure to add your other account on my friend's list. :)
TNT-LightningDude's avatar
YEET u'r back:D hope I'm not one of those blocked ones though.
anyway, glad u've decided to make a new account, and stay on DevArt^^

and don't worry, I don't know ur real name:P so I won't use it
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YAY! your back!


i was so sad when i read your other journal. your like, one of the few friends i have on here. so im so glad your ok.
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i'm glad you're back ^-^ good to know you are alright. i will add you, though i might not be around much longer...i guess we'll see how things go. :jsenn:
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I am happy that you are back again and have let us know :) your collection was great.. i hope that you don't get any more crap :)
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Wonderful! I'm SO GLAD that you're alright. I was really worried! :D Thanks so much for getting on to let us know you're ok. :) If you would like to join us back let me know and I'll add you. :hug:
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I'm so happy to see you again! :kiss:
TheMaidenInBlack's avatar
I'm glad you've told us where to find you :)
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DAMN I just read the "don't use my real name" part... OK, I won't! Gaah, how could I miss that? *embarrassed*
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So I can call you by first name there now? Pheew. I hate secrets. You're the best, Jack.
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