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I am creating this to add new videos.
This video is about shaping the surface. White is the closest while black in the deepest, so shading the surface with lights and darks forms the surface shape. After I create the shape of a globe I add a crater, then I add lighting.

Later I thought with a moon I can show how to make it glow, and how to make a colored light glow.

Next video is about pivot points and the smudge tool. The video is linked to this PSD download.
Walking Animation Side View by achipps
I think it takes a few days before I see English (Automatic) to be able to select it. So all new videos will not have Closed Captions. 
I made a video for the eye dropper and how to pick the best colors.

Monochromatic art is art make with on hue or color. Some people like this so they can have a picture the matches the color of their room. I only show you how to use the colors along the right side of the color picker, to get to the color picker you double click on the foreground color.
Lighter option include the top edge of the color picker. 

I try using traditional color with food colors, but with the food colors they are not exactly like mixing traditional paint. It does still show the primary colors make the secondary colors.
Because Digital Art uses colors of light which has red, green, blue, and from traditional colors everything in the same but the yellow is replaced with green, and on the layers the green and red don't make yellow meaning it is also a primary color because primary colors make other colors, but there is nothing you can mix to get the primary color.
Then I show how to mix digital colors with the colors of light, because the monitor colors are made from light, so they mix colors of light. In the center of traditional mixes where all colors make one color you have a brown called umber. With all the colors of light mixed together you have white, so it is kind of the opposite, the colors in traditional mix makes a darker mix, while colors of light makes a brighter color.
Black and white is described as non colors, and it is mentioned as a color of light, where black is the absence of color, and white is full of colors, and that describes colors of light.

An example similar to mine but they used milk to help see the colors.

A big part of mixing colors you want is knowing what they are made of, and to find out how many colors are made you can experiment to gain the wisdom of many colors. 

I didn't finish but I stopped when it was close to an hour. I saved the file so I can do more with it, and I hope I explained why I did things. I know I showed how I did it. 
It can be up to you if I do more to it like make another video for an hour worth of working on it each week, or do more and then save the last part for a video. Details takes hours, but in this the dragon skin is a style I could copy without drawing every detail exactly the same way. 
Th object here is to use lines as I guess at the proportions and then make corrections to the lines if my guess didn't work out with everything laid out. It is like writing and at the end of the sentence there is not enough space to get all the words in. That is how it works, when you see it is not enough space for what you need to put in you make adjustments to make everything fit. That means it is never a good time to just draw everything the way you see it, you need to do just enough to make a space for everything, and when everything can fit, you can start drawing everything to finish it.

Doing grid work is easier, but you can do that with something in real life, but you can hold up a pencil to measure the size and use that measurement to draw it the same size as you see it. So you measure how far over from one side you need to place the nose, and things like that. 
I showed a way to check to see it the shape is more accurate, to help improve the shape to make it right. When it comes close to looking right I see the same shape and fix a lot of things, just because I see a difference in the shape that I can fix. It could help to make you more accurate, but it is not something that will happen soon. It takes time like everything else.

I made a short video for any questions about highlights. I explain highlights are reflections of lights. If you know the highlights are light or brighter on the side with the light, then you are close to knowing the light is reflected by how glossy or dull the surface is. I use 2 windows as the light source, that creates the highlight, and show how that looks starting with s very glossy look. The reflection only reflects light, and not dark areas. 
At the end of the video I explain shadows and how distance of the light creates a blurry shadow as it is farther away from the ground. So, I hope this can make lighting and shadows easier to understand.


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Archie Chipps
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
This is a more recent picture of me, and if I look like I have big feet, big hands, and a big body, but a small head then you see it right. I have a small head and reality is not proportionate as books like to claim. Maybe I'm a hairless big foot.

I currently live in North Georgia, in Dahlonega.

I am growing old and fat, but I think I am in great shape health wise.
I started working to become an artist when I was 8, which was in 1966. I did say I was old, and I was not able to draw on a computer until 1994 with Photoshop 2.5 LE.

I always use a mouse because tablets use EM field to detect where the pen tip is. My hand has more Electro Magnetic energy than the pen tip. It is enough to mess up a tablet for 6 months, from one hour of use.
So, I use a mouse. A mouse is a good tool, and cheaper that a tablet.

Website for programming example, with some art. I still need to make a left console to use more button links

DA Portfolio



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3D Models on SketchFab ;

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