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I started working to become an artist when I was 8, which was in 1966. I did say I was old, and I was not able to draw on a computer until 1994 with Photoshop 2.5 LE.

I always use a mouse because tablets use EM field to detect where the pen tip is. My hand has more Electro Magnetic energy than the pen tip. It is enough to mess up a tablet for 6 months, from one hour of use.

So, I use a mouse. A mouse is a good tool, and cheaper that a tablet.

Website for programming example, with some art. I still need to make a left console to use more button links

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Email /

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Tools of the Trade
Photoshop, Poser, Hexagon, HTMLPad, Wordpad, and sometimes Daz Studio
Other Interests
Building anything.

Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials

Shapes and Lighting This is about simple 3D shapes with lighting and shading. Lighting direction is important. Curves and Feather 3D Text Letters and Eye Candy 4000 Layer Styles Pen Tool (Vectors) Brush Sizes Easy bricks and working with layers (Long Video 3:03:10) High Flow Rate Dragon part 2 Simple Cloth I will do a more complicated cloth next, but starting simple would give you and easier start. Website Buttons, Glow, and A Light. Painting Hair Depth Map, Photoshop Lighting Effects, and Stacking Shades. Perfect Shapes Lighting Shapes Understanding Lighting, Levels of Gloss Painting a Dragon Without a Grid Mixing Colors

Making Cartoons

Making Cartoons

This will have a few videos for this because I want to include different ways to make cartoon for free digital art programs. Like how to make cartoons if FireAlpaca. This First video is just showing how to make cartoons quicker because you don't need to draw a lot of the lines, and use Photoshop feature called Stroke. I the future, because cartoons can be simple I will include drawing 2D cartoons, and animating them, and that can be done with FireAlpaca too or any drawing program when I use a free png animation program from a saved folder full of images. APNG is something you can download for free, and it has been around a while. I will made

Starting a New Journal.

Starting a New Journal.

This one shows how you draw strong lines with a 1 pixel brush, and knowing what you do needs to be done once, and only edit the line and I point out what to look for that makes the lines look thicker and thinner in different areas. It might be something you might repeat a few times until you can see it, because the difference is small but it is pixels that has a big effect on what people will see. Making finer lines might take some hand writing practice to male curls and lines that look good, because they might be harder the fix than undo and try again. I show how to make a rope pattern with small details for a small rope that can be resized

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