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Ro Shepard and Kaidan
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Well Kaidan here looks handsome as hell <3, should have been like that in the game…. :) 
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They look so cute 
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I love your art. I think it's beautiful.
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I can never get over Kaidan's hair in this pic. *v*
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OH MY GOD. *frantic hand movements* 

She is so utterly beautiful, I can't quite get it. And HIS HAIR. You have indeed beautified them both, and the looks on their faces make me incredibly happy. Thank you so much for this brilliant piece! <3
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I love how you did his hair. oAo
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Oh my, this is just so nice and tender. Love it (and also love what you did with Kaidan's hair).
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this is awesome, i love this. we need more shenko art like this. But his hair omg i love that hair, this looks like a few years after the reaper war or something. or maybe an AU where shepard and kaidan meet somehow and they have different jobs i dunno.
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wow i like soo much!!!!!
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I love how you did Kaidan's hair. Its a lot better than what it looks like in the game.
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Me too! Thanks for your kind feedback!
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Aww! Adorable! I love how you drew Kaidan's hair!
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Kaidan looks so roguish here.
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Ah, nothing brightens up one's day like the sweetness of Shenko.
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My favorite couple... Always so hot and so cute !!! :love:
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Amazing !
I really like it !
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