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This was a F/F piece that almost immediately occurred to me a few years ago when I started the Athena galleries on my site. If any woman deserves a little torture, it's Sarah Palin. I can't stand her even more now so, if I were to draw this in 2013, I'd be a lot meaner to her. I'm especially pleased with my evil, maniacal Hillary Clinton, as she takes wicked glee in Sarah's plight.
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Beautiful feets Sarah Palin

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I can fap to this. Being burned in a dumpster fire.
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I am surprised Hillary isn't sucking Sarah's toes herself as she likely does with her live-in girlfriend Huma.
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Pray to the flying spaghetti monster, wikileaks can prove that statement.
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Amazing isn't it? An atheist, who isn't a social justice wannabe.
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Remind me: who's an atheist?
I think this should bring out the closeted masochist in Palin. Great job! Very funny and sexy!
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Would love you to do a picture of Sarah in fits of hysterics as her ticklish bare feet get tortured. She deserves it.
God bless America
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love this... sarah is one woman who would look great in barefoot bondage with a ball gag in her mouth`
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Oh this is brilliant!
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She deserves far worse.  ;)
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yes, she does, or at least I would like to see her get far worse ;c)
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America wants to take Sarah's shoes off, you know!
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I've seen a moose on person, her feet must be HUGE!!!
If I was in Sarah's place I'd enjoy every bit of it
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I'm not into women. I'm not even into tickling. But I'd pay real money to see this in person because, well, Sarah deserves it lol

God, I love you.
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This would make politics a lot more interesting.
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that... Hellery face... ...nightmares to come
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And if she becomes President, you'll see that horrifying mug all the time.
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