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Title says it! Hope every one has a happy and merry end of the year too!
It's that time of year again.. holidays are sneaking up and as always I can't afford 'em! So I'm looking for some work to help get some extra spending money! If you have something that you think I might be able to help you with, please send me a note! I do pinups, illustrations, portraits, colors, etc. Also, if you have a hard line budget and/or deadline, please be sure to make a mention of it and we can maybe work something out!

I will update this journal when my schedule fills up. So if you are reading this, I still have space! (-:
Holidays creeping up on us already! Where does the time go... 

I need to learn how to carve a good pumpkin! Every year I say, "I'm gonna do it!" and then I end up with the standard triangle eye'd punpkins. Heh
I'm mostly just writing to update my journal! I hate seeing 6 month old entries! So yeah, love you all that still watch me doodle my refrigerator arts!
Happy holidays all! Have fun and stay well!

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...that I'm creeping up on 400k page views. That sounds like a lot. So yeah, thanks! I'm wondering if I should do something special for 400k or maybe at 500k. 400k sounds like an odd number really to do something for but honestly, I never really thought I would ever hit 100k. Still can't wrap my head around that one...

Anywho, anyone seen this Dell Canvas that just released. I've been trying to get info from anyone that actually got it and can say how it is. From what I can gather, it's pretty legit. Really been wanting to upgrade to a "draw on screen" device for a while now so been seriously looking at the Canvas. Of course it's a few bucks out of my price range though.. they always are. *cries*

On a semi related note, if anyone has any extra work for a wannabe illustrator, please let me know! Would be happy to hear from you!

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Thanks all for all the birthday well wishes! I know some of you have been kicking around here for a while, means a lot that ya still come in every once in a while and leave a message! (-:

On a side note, I got one of these fidget spinner things that have been all the rage... I'm not sure I understand what you do with it..? heh It does make me recall way (waaaaaay) back when I was a yute still doing the skool thing, how the teachers always had a drawer in their desk full of confiscated toys and doodads. So I can imagine now there are a lot of teacher desks out there full of these fidget spinner gizmos. 

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To reach me, you can contact me via notes here on DeviantART, message me on Facebook, or use the contact form on my website.

Thanks for looking! (:
Hey all, happy new year and all that!

Been meaning to write this for a while now but well, what can I say, I'm lazy AND easily distracted...

Anywho... I use the Youtubes a lot for music listening these days and I was opening it up and in my "recommended" videos section, I saw one of my paintings! Someone had used it as a cover image for one of those music compilation videos. As it happens I was a little bummed this day and so finding it actually put a big smile on my face. When I showed it to a friend however, he freaked out because he thought the guy who posted the video was ripping me off. It took a little bit to help my friend calm down and explain how the internet works. But that got me thinking maybe I should write something up on the subject and so that's what (finally) prompted this post.

Yeah so, in short, if you want to use any of my paintings for personal use/non-profit and post it online, go ahead! If possible, I would appreciate a link back to my Facebook. No need to ask for permission or anything like that (and my apologies to all the people who have tried over the years and I neglected to respond back to in time!).

Fine print: Please be aware however that if you are interested in using any of my work for profit, then you will need to reach me and we can discuss terms (I'm quite reasonable!). Also note that I am not relinquishing any of my rights as the creator of any of my works and I reserve the right to ask you to discontinue using my work for any reason I deem. Further, I'd ask that you not use any images that are in my gallery that were commissioned by another party out of respect for them (unless you can get permission from them too!). I also reserve the right to update these terms at any time! Lastly, note me if you have any questions or concerns... my new years resolution is to respond promptly!

Really though, I enjoy when people use my work for stuff. As I was telling my friend, I put my work up on the internet to be enjoyed. I'm not interested in trying to dictate how/where/when people enjoy it. That is, in my opinion, a waste of energy and really, I don't want to. I believe at the heart of every creator, we just want to create and have people enjoy what we create. For the those of you who enjoy it, just try to give a little back to your favorite creators either through a kind word, giving credit, a link back, and if possible/appropriate, a little $$ in their respective tip jars!

So I hope that made sense! Have fun! Love you all!

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Hey all, just dropping a quick note to let ya know I've started a Tumblr thingy. You can find it over here. Going to try and use it much how I thought I was going to use my Facebook (aka, semi regular updates of not only finished paintings but roughs and wips). 

Speaking of Facebook, don't forget to like me over on it! heh (-:

Also, I put together a collection of wallpapers of some of my paintings in a convenient spot for those interested (all free). You can find them here.

Not much else to go on about.. never have been very good about going on about stuff anyway. So, same old! Hope everyone is doing well! As always, all your favorites, likes, comments, and support are highly appreciated!

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Okay so, I'm largely just updating this because it looks kind of bad having it read "Happy Holidays!" in the middle of summer... (kind of sad, I know)

But since I'm writing, please be sure to check out my Patreon account and considering supporting my work! There you can get hi-res versions, wallpapers, and alternate (nsfw) versions of many of my paintings as a thank you for your support!

Wishing everyone a happy and safe holiday season and new year!


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OK, I will try to keep this quick and simple. I need some extra money for the holidays so I’m looking to do some quick commissions if you know.. anyone is interested. Going to do no more than 3 and I am offering a special flat rate of $155US. Some points of interest:

-The flat rate will get you a painted picture, maybe a little rough on the edges.
-You will get opportunities to view the progress and give input.
-Though this is technically first come first serve, I reserve the right to decline if you are asking for something too complicated or complex. Ideally I’d like to stay within my comfort zone. This will yield a better quality final image and take less time thus making the flat rate possible.
-As this fundraiser is for holiday spending cash, please be ready and able to pay up front.
-Payments are made via PayPal.
-Unfortunately, I cannot make a guarantee that I can finish these images by christmas though that is my goal. But just the same, probably not a good gift idea.
-Final image will be a hi-res JPEG unless you have other preferences.
-Ideal subject matter: girls! simple backgrounds! .. I can also paint artsy looking portraits of people too if you’re interested like say for your Facebook page or some such!
-This flat rate is a limited time offer! I will not honor this rate once I hit my quota.
-Serious inquiries should send me a note vs leaving a response below for the sake of organization.

If you have any questions, please let me know!

Thank you!

A quick note: I have started a Patreon account in the hopes of trying to earn a proper living off my *cough* work. Have a look and consider patronizing me!
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.. thank you all for the birthday wishes! I really appreciate it!
Currently looking for work, of any sort (illustrations, concepts, colors, private commissions, etc). If you have something you think I can help you with, please let me know! Note me here on DA, message me on facebook, or use the contact form on my website (on left edge).

Thanks to all who contributed to my monitor fund. With the help and a little extra borrowing, I got a new monitor delivered! Sad part though is it came defective and I had to return it and am now awaiting a replacement from the store. Nothing is ever easy, I tell ya. But just the same, I want to reiterate how much I appreciate the support people showed! Thank you!

So yeah, looking forward to getting back to work and possibly doing some extra commissions in the future when I get my current work load caught up. Here's hoping! ...
Okay, one of the worst things for a digital artist to have happen, happened. My monitor died. And this is 2 months after the warranty expired. And I have no where near the resources to replace it. I'm now using a near 15 year old 19" CRT (big box monitor with the domed glass) that has long since gone dark, and has a blurry picture. So I'm kind of in a bad place right now; needless to say, without a proper monitor I cannot work.

So I am in desperate need of help! A proper monitor to paint on is around ~$500 USD (give or take with taxes/shipping). To make this, I'm going to start a fund raiser and hope (*hope*) that enough people out there can help. I'm not normally one for taking charity as I feel guilty just thinking about, so I'm going to attempt this doing a combination of donations and commissions to earn most of the money. So if you can help, please do! I cannot stress how much it would mean to me!

All amounts are accepted! If enough people chip in, the amount really doesn't matter, so if you can help, please do! Even if it's only a couple of bucks.. think of it like putting money in the tip jar!

To donate $5, please use this link: $5 donation

To donate $15, please use this link: $15 donation

To donate a custom, variable amount, please use this link: Custom donation

(all donation are done via PayPal)

For commissions, please send me a note here on DeviantART with your proposed project before sending any money so we can determine if the project is feasible first. But please understand, considering the nature of the situation, once it is decided to accept your project, I will need full payment up front. Finally, I'm not sure how many total commissions I will do, however I will only be able to do so many. So they will be available on a first come, first serve basis.

If you have any questions, please let me know I will try my best to answer any and all.

Okay I guess that's it. I'm trying to avoid making this sound like a sob story, but if you can help, please do! Again, I can't stress enough how much it would mean to me to get any help because this really is kind of a serious situation for me. And of course, if you can't help financially, I would really appreciate it if you could spread the word a little for me. Really, anything you can do to help a poor artist stay in business, it is hugely appreciated! Thanks!
Commission Info:
If you are looking for commission info, please read this first:
So first, this is not a "open for commissions" entry, my apologies if I got anyone's hopes up. What has been happening is people who are interested in commissioning me (bless their hearts) have been thumbing through my journal looking for info on it and find the old flat rates I used to offer years ago and start asking me about it. So to hopefully save you all time, I'd just like to say: I'm sorry, I no longer do commissions for those flat rates.  So how much does a commission cost now, you ask? Well, unfortunately, over the years, my technique and process have become horribly time consuming and tedious. Further, my availability to work on commissions so somewhat limited. So what that means is the cost of a commission varies depending on each unique case.

Seems kind of weird essentially writing to discourage people from asking for commissions, but I feel bad when people go asking about them and then I have to tell them the old rates are no longer valid or worse, when I forget to respond to inquires. So my apologies to everyone.

Hi-Res Downloads:
You can now download hi-res images for several of my more popular images for a few DeviantART points. Many of the downloadable packages include several images including wallpaper and alternate versions of said images (read the appropriate image descriptions for more information). Please help support my work and check them out! You can find these hi-res images by viewing my gallery, and then looking on the left-hand side for the "hi-res available for download" folder. Or you can just click here to go straight to the folder. Thanks!

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hey hey, so updating just to say hi or some such. I suddenly have a little bit of free time on my hands so yeah dusting off the old DA account. I think I have neglected it a bit too much lately so gonna try to make some new *cough* arts and upload and all that.

On a side note, I started a Facebook page for artworks [found here].

I did this because apparently, somehow, people were finding me on Facebook and sending me friend requests. Which I thought was funny because I virtually never use Facebook as I am unfortunately the opposite of social and it is a... social network. But just the same, I didn't want to mix people looking for my arts with family/private stuff so I felt bad not accepting. So I got a new Facebook page started just for the arts so anyone who is interested, please feel free to like! I think I can use it something like a blog or some such (I think..? err, I'm old.) so I will try to keep it updated... at least as frequently as my DA account here. Erm.... yeah.
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I'm thinking... you know you don't write enough journal entries when every time you stop to write one, something has changed with the UI. Thing always looks different when I get to it!

Anyway, updating just to update. Noticed I topped 200k page views to which I must stop and say, "wow!," 'n stuff. In all seriousness though, that is a lot of people, albeit, a lot of disappointed people no doubt, but a lot none the less. So big thanks to all who have stopped by, looked at something, left a comment, etc! I think I might do another screencap contest thingy for the 250k mark. I can't remember what number I did last one at but certainly due for another!

I'm sure there is a lot more I could write about but, I'm kind of half asleep at the moment and it's taking forever to write this with the constant corrections and proof reading (and I bet half of this is still gibberish and makes no sense). so.. ttfn!
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