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I found myself looking at a lot of 18th and 19th century portraiture recently and wanted to paint something in that vein. So that's kind of how this came about. The idea that popped in my head as I started this was, "what if Poison Ivy was a 19th century noble?" So I kind of went with that, though I hesitate to call this Poison Ivy as that wasn't really a primary goal but rather a point of inspiration for the painting. However, should you look at this and think Poison Ivy, now ya know why.

Anywho, hope you like it.

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Beautiful work as always!

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Hauntingly beautiful! Heart Clap 
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Lovely style of Ivy.
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Recognise me poison ivy
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How wonderful! It's gorgeous. XD
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Reminds me of Christina Hendricks, too (in the best way :) )
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It's funny, because before reading the description, the first thing that entered my mind was, in fact, that it seemed like this could easily pass for a rendition of Poison Ivy...Well played sir.
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This is great, but now you've done Ivy, you have to do Harley Quinn. And maybe after that, The Joker and Batman, all in the same 19th century style.
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I think I could be talked into doing a series, but I'd rather not be restricted to batman characters. I do believe I probably paint too much of the gotham girls as it is. I've become one of "those" artists. err

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I looked at this and thought you were doing art for a Cthulu Mythos game. Gorgeous and ominous! Love it.

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Hmm.. wouldn't that be fun.

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