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NightmareSoulXX's avatar
Gorgeous, although judging by the hat I have to think she's attending a British Royal Family wedding.
goldenavatar's avatar
A red head with no freckles, is like wine with no tartness to it. Sure, it'll have a taste you might like, but it's just not like the original.
achibner's avatar
Hmm, as someone with a little red in their hair, a little green in their eyes, fair skin, and no freckles.. I suddenly feel like boxed wine.
goldenavatar's avatar
Speaking as someone with a little red hair, a good bit of freckles, and a well trained body I can tell you from experience and observation that's not applicable to guys. Let a woman get her hands on a mans well developed body, she won't care about much anything else as she rakes her nails down your chest and abdomen, while pondering the world of possibilities ahead.
achibner's avatar
A well developed body you say? I guess we should change that feeling to boxed wine sampler then. heh
FluffinglyFluff's avatar
When I saw the small thumbnail version in my notification stack I thought for a second she was wearing a big cake on her head. Now I want cake fashion to become a thing.
achibner's avatar
Heh, I believe cake dresses are a thing if you're interested. (-:
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