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The downloadable ZIP file (available at right) contains:

-Hi-res original measuring ~3900px on the long edge (roughly 13" (33cm) 300dpi)
-HD Wallpaper in both 16:9 aspect ratio (1920x1080, landscape) and 9:16 aspect ratio (1080x1920, portrait)

The hi-res images are great for making small to medium size prints on your home photo printer for your own personal enjoyment!

..a quickie just for fun..

I realized it's been a while since I painted something like this with no real direction or purpose. Forgot how much fun a painting can be when ya just let the painting paint itself.


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This one too - very nice how it catches the eye.

squarenuts's avatar
If she went with "Aflac," she would have received more coverage. 😉
Absolutely stunning!
Fauxuality's avatar
The way you paint skin is very cool!
racespiro's avatar
love this piece.  has that sort of sexy mystery about it.  Makes me want to see what she look like.

Antsstyle's avatar
Amazing work! :D
japender61's avatar
I love it, but I wish she wasn't so modest!
TanukiTagawa's avatar
A busty,sexy and hot babe! :drool:  A Asian one,I presume.  :roll:
What change would it make if she wasn’t Asian?
TanukiTagawa's avatar
 Nothing. :shrug:  However,the hat design make me think in Asia.   :greetings:
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Mannn, the way you conveyed the look and feel of silk in this painting.... Amazing :D
Bikerbloke's avatar
That is superb!! Love the way the light and shadows play over her curves. Just amazing!
sauravs911's avatar
The effect on the skin n cloth is marvellous!
goretaint's avatar
amazing, sexy as hell without showing to much. masterful :)
CheeseburgerTom's avatar
That crane is so lucky!  If she hadn't come along with her huge hat, he would not have any place to hide from the snow.

Seriously beautiful picture, I just wish we could see her eyes.
Kaslito's avatar
I love this! :wow:
JackThe-Blade's avatar
еле несет
Bfetish's avatar
Beautiful work! I like the color palette you used.
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