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peach III

Well... here we are again. If this looks a little familiar.. it's 'cause it's a redo of these two: peach (painted 2009) and peach II (painted 2011). 

So around the start of the year I was having a conversation with a friend concerning my work. The peachII image came up and he said something to the affect that I haven't improved any since painting it. So of course I was like, "OK, challenge accepted." Of course when I started painting this I was thinking, "oh this gonna be easy, I've improved TONS since that old painting" but you know as I was working on this I realized something: I haven't actually improved that much. I actually struggled a bit and found tons of things I still need to work on. le sigh.

It just never ends, you know? No matter how far you go, you still have farther to go. At first that might seem somewhat depressing, but it's really not. If we were to put this into MMORPG terms.. imagine if drawing and painting actually had a level cap. You'd hit it and then what? You're stuck doing the same dailies every day. Everything would stagnate. But there is no level cap. You just keep leveling. You just keep giving yourself new quests and keep chugging along. Say, have I ever told the story of how I got into drawing because of World of Warcraft? No? Well, it's been a while now since I've told this story, so I'm not too sure how it goes, but it's sad and it's sweet and I knew it complete when I wore a younger man's clothes.

Yes I know, I'm starting to do old man rambles. The short of it: I hope someone likes the picture! I will likely do a peach IV in the future. Though it does sting, learning really is more fun than knowing.


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Very sexy art! I like the way you drew her gloves.
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mamma mia ! clever use of marios clothing on peach to make her a succulent peach
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Another enjoyable piece. I love that you included a goomba in this one. I would love to see you play around with the backgrounds a bit more. ( until I zoomed in on Peach 2 I thought it looked like the background had 'ancient symbols' or something like that. ) It might be neat to see Yoshi in the back ground with jaw dropped and tongue hanging out.

I feel you got a bit closer to her normal hair style in #2. Which is neither good nor bad. ( it is nice to see different hairstyles with her instead of the default.)

You might want to try full overalls with the next one. They can look attractive with nothing on underneath. ;)

Seeing these does make me curious what you would do with the other nintendo girls. ( I like the notion of a series in which other Nintendo girls are dressed exactly like this. In the background, Peach is looking upset because this is her thing they are doing.)
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Heh thanks for the thoughtful comment! I kind of like the overalls suggestion. If I ever attempt to tackle this concept again, I might toy with that idea!
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This is a massive improvement from the last one :wow:
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to you it might not seem like you have improved, but actually the jumps you show between 2 and 3 are very important changes in quality, rendering and approach. there's always lots to improve, but you are still leveling up. hope you get where you want to be too sooner than later :)
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Geez-O-Petes that looks great... nice work
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You liar! You hyped up that Peach 2 drawing like this and that looked the same! You've leveled up tons! I mean look here, you have this stark contrasting shading that mixes in halftones, and deep shadows to form a complex, robust Renaissance kind of take on form and value! While your shading is neat, and tidy in the previous piece the form, and value in this just blows Peach II out of the water! Additionally take a look at your details! There's so much in this piece that peaks out, and gives the viewer a good giggle! Such as the Goomba looking at Peach with concern. This shows you have developed a sense of storytelling in your pieces, and that you have a strong grasp of it. Your anatomy is less stylized and stringy from Peach II instead becoming thicker, and more nuanced in the anatomical benchmarks, and on top of that it gives more depth to your figure, which shows you've learned from your mistakes with anatomy! Everything appears more solid in this piece, more realistic, just overall more secure and confident in its Foundation Knowledge. You have leveled up at least like ten levels since you did the last piece. Do not lie. Apologies, I got a little heated there. But yeah, this is a really good piece. I think you're still getting better, and doing well. Keep it up. Well done.
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Whoa there! I wasn't trying to deceive! I really did struggle a bit to paint the picture.. I was just trying to, in my bumbling way, offer words of encouragement that even when you don't think you're doing so good, ya should keep going. Wording really is not my forte though.

On another note, your comment here may have taken the record for longest comment here on my DA page. I don't quite recall offhand a longer one in the 10 or so years I've been on here. So thanks! I appreciate the time and effort! (-:
Bestevaer's avatar
Oh yeah, sorry. I was being hyperbolic for fun. ^^; It was mostly a joke, but what I said I feel. I think you've leveled up, and learned tons! You're a superb artist, sir. :) You deserve extra long comments! Your work is always stunning, and I love adding it to my collections, and learning from it.
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great excellent
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Amazing....  you absolutely Nailed it, very cool! Clap Clap Clap 
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I remember the first one when you posted it .. amazing to see the progress!!  Love to see how much further you are in a few more years! :D
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Ha, that was a while ago! thanks for hanging out for so long!
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Nice, very, very nice work!
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