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Okay, so the official winner of the 20k screencap contest bit was Desdinova84! He didn’t have a screencap but no one else came forward and the 20k thing kind of got spoiled a bit anyway due to certain other party’s actions. So he wins!

Unfortunately, when he was presented with his prize of a free commission, Desdinova tried to talk me out of it claiming he didn’t want to be a bother yada yada. So I had to push him a bit to accept it (I must not be doing very well when I need to twist someone’s arm in order to get them to accept a free commission, err).

So, since his request was rather unspecific and vague and thus posing some difficulty for my feeble skill; I headed over to his DA page for inspiration and spied what looked a lot like an undead warlock and his pet succubus from World of Warcraft.

And here we are, I went out on a limb and painted for him a WoW Succubus. I hope he likes it!

On a side note, incase you were wondering, yes I am a recovering WoW addict. I have been on the wagon for nearly 2 years now!

Done in Photoshop CS2, about 10-12 hours. HATE the Alliance.

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DAY-UMM! She can drain me anytime!
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Zoe-the-Pink-Ranger's avatar
She looks amazing :clap:
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storm--shadow-210Student General Artist
She looks lik she's getting ready for some S & M. I wonder who the (not)so lucky stiff if.
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ToyPicciKStudent Traditional Artist

Time to look for the summoning tome.
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DaBairHobbyist General Artist
She looks diabolical!
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hotartfanHobbyist Traditional Artist
The artwork is really impressive.Good job.
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Found the drawing and traced it back to's beautiful...   Go Alliance
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BlakPlague Filmographer
Dope stuff :o
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femelushkaHobbyist Digital Artist
love the drawing on the thigh
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PouschtHobbyist Traditional Artist
oh... good luck with your recovery... i'm on my 3rd year without playing wow... but the hate for the allies prevail forever. Good work with this minion, it's cool how you mix the hair texture of the hair and horns.
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carlodagunzHobbyist General Artist
Ah, I found my new desktop background... EVIL IS GOOD!
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MrHellzProfessional General Artist
Hi there, I am featuring your art in my journal. [link]

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How could you possibly force anyone into accepting an art commission of that shear quality? That's astonishing!
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Devilishly nice.
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lol damn Succubus is so distracting. All you hear is "oooOOOooo" ::smack:: while running around. ;) Really well done piece. :)
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zeventymillionHobbyist Artist
looks like Morrigan from capcom
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Having her hair being braided into being her horns is an incredibly awesome idea.
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awesome! is your stuff digital?
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Inspiring.....And I mean it...
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:) my favorite thing to summon as a warlock :D a succubus hahaha
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tonykabutoHobbyist General Artist
For the HORDE! i'm a revovering addict too... :3
Nicely done, i like very much the way you interpreted many of the succubus characteristics from the WoW design... plus the technique is amazing... :D
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SilentArtistsHobbyist Writer
May I use this in a noncommercial video? I will give credit
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