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Samus by achibner Samus by achibner
Samus Aran from Metroid.

So when I was originally working on this, I went scouring for Samus information and learned that she is 6' 3" (that's 190.5 cm) and.. 198 lbs (~90kg)! I about spit out the tea I was drinking at the time when I read that.

Anywho, Samus related pinup been on my todo list for a while.. hope ya like!

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Antsstyle Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2018
Haha XD I love the idea behind the outfit for this! Great work :D
FengatorMx6 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2018  Student General Artist
I love this on so many levels
richten Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Actually Nintendo has never made very clear what is her actual size without armour. Those numbers are the ones with her armour…
achibner Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Hmm.. seems we have a conundrum! I got my information from Wikipedia which says without the armor and it lists for it's source metroid player's guide. I would be inclined to believe the MetroidWiki over Wiki tho except that.. the very page from the guide in question is the image seen on the metroid wiki page you linked. And if you read the text from that image, it's implied the numbers are without the armor. Or at least that's how I interpret it. Otherwise, the MetroidWiki didn't note it's source. Hmm, what to believe!
richten Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Personally I wouldn't trust too much the old sources, even official ones. At the time the video game industry was much smaller, you could find errors in translation even in the game, so you can imagine how much care they put on guides.
To me those numbers seem to big if they are without armour and too small inside of it.
And consider these screenshots from Other M (I know fans would rather ignore that game, but it's still canon):
If Samus is 190cm then Ian is at least 230cm and Adam must be at least 250cm. That is just crazy.

So until Nintendo confirms the size, like I say it's undetermined.
frozenwhitenorth Featured By Owner Edited Jun 20, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
This is really good!

Also what? Lightest 6'3" person I know is officially a video game character.

On the flip side, this also probably makes her one of the heaviest women in fiction to still have the figure of an Olympic gymnast.

I have gone on way to long thinking about this, and will likely continue well after submitting this comment. Brain fuel for the day acquired.
achibner Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Yup, I'm not sure where's she's hiding it cause she dun look it. Even a muscular woman around 6'3" is generally something closer to 170lbs (a good point of comparison would be WNBA players).

But according to the post below, the numbers could be with her armor, which would make more sense though there seems to be a discrepancy with sources. Oh the plot thickens!
frozenwhitenorth Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Indeed it does.
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