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Demona from Gargoyles. Doing a Demona fanart has been on my TODO list for ages.. finally found some time to do something quick. Hope ya like it!


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You captured her perfectly!

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Everyone ship her with Goliath or Thailog, weirdos ship her with Elisa, but I'm hardcore madafaka and I ship her with Macbeth
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All thats missing is the Hellfire song with Notre-Dame Cathedral in the background.
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I like this a lot, though..........where is her tail..?
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Probably behind her in all the fire. lol Her tail is just probably straight out.
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That is a very strong piece of her. Love the sheer effect on the wings and how you framed her with them.
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she was totally worth the waitHeart Heart Heart Heart Heart 
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wow she looks so evil looking anyways you did wonderful job on her =3
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Wow great job especially on the hair heart would have stopped upon seeing her, from shock and possibly fear, meanwhile another area of my body would be SCREAMING at my stopped heart going, "we need more blood down here NOW, can you SEE THIS?"
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Hey Achibner are you able to do a version of Demona crossed between Evelynn from League of Legends? I'm thinking Riot took her look from her.
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oh man great fan art. Love Gargoyles
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There's a douchy part of me, deep within my id, which thinks that this picture would be better if Demona wore considerably less...
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Hell yes, I was always a big fan of Gargoyles. Demona was such a sexy, fiendish character.
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great lighting, nice job !
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Wow, she looks so amazing and dangerous!
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sooooooooooo beautiful and badass ! :wow: :love:
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