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Commission: Oola

By achibner
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This was a commission. The idea/concept was the client's, I just painted as directed. I post this because I know I have Oola fans who follow me here. And 'cause I got to paint Jabba, that doesn't happen often! 


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AlloniyaProfessional Digital Artist
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Well if a certain hentai parody of star wars thAt has a parody jabba on it is anything to go on jabba has a dick somewhere to plow humans and humanoid life forms
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She has some Twilek booty. 
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Why would Jabba, a giant hermaphroditic slug-thing be attracted to human(oid) females?
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From what I understand, of NEW Canon...  Oola and all the other slave girls are just a show of Jabba's opulence. 

To show off his wealth by having "Pretty Things".  So Oola and the other Slave girls are more like... expensive pets.  Like a "Purse Dog" or something.

I could be wrong about some details, but that's the basics.  Which I prefer, cause thinking about it the other way is just ....

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In the old books it was implied that he was sort of a pervert, even by hutt standards. Many hutt lords kept slave girls but they were servants and entertainers, Jabba was one of only a few, a VERY few, that was actually attracted to them.
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KooshmeisterHobbyist Traditional Artist
I love her body language and facial expression.
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NetSeawolf Photographer
great excellent !! really great !!
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Perfect! Super sexy!
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Kaliko08Hobbyist Traditional Artist
NOT with that piece of talking lard, Oola deserves better
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arkriythe4thHobbyist Traditional Artist
Too bad she got eaten
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Kaliko08Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yeah sad
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FedodikaProfessional Digital Artist
nice depth great lighting bruh
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I forgot about Oola she was so hot.
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