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Clare and Teresa from Claymore

I don't know if anyone else remembers Claymore... I really enjoyed that anime when it came out. It's a shame it only went for a single (inconclusive) season. It featured DBZ power trip elements and sword wielding battle maidens, what's not to love?

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I love Claymore. After the anime, I got every volume of the manga to finish the story.
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I've never seen such amazing Claymore art before.
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best version of them i ever seen Heart :happybounce: Clap 
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the coloring is gorgeous
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this is beautiful. love the lighting.:)
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Awesome. The manga by the way concludes everything in some mind-blowing action and plot twists.
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I remember it. It was a good anime; it needs to be remade though, because the Manga was done and there's just so much they can do now.
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This is one of my favorite anime, and manga. And while the show did end inconclusively the manga did a pretty good job of tying things together. Great Work. 
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beautiful colors here. really nice
oh yes. Liked it quite abit
very nice piece btw
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that's freakin beautiful
Nice.                                                                                                           Walking Knight - NaNoEmo 2 
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A beautiful piece, pretty much the best fanart I've seen of this series. I would just have liked Teresa seen from her back, since she is supposed to have serious body disformities and scars due to the mutation. ISeing her "perfect" like that kinda kill off a part of the claymore lifestyle that I really empathized with.
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Hmm, I painted Teresa so because she's not really 'real' in this painting... more like a memory or spirit looking down on Clare. I guess I didn't do such a great job communicating that.
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Nah, it's a great metaphoric image.
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If I remember correctly it's a vivisection cut down the chest to the groin that needs to be sutured shut otherwise their insides fall out. Because it was the means by which The Organization implanted the yoma parts that grants the Claymores their powers and abilities thus the regenerative ability doesn't effect it because it was before the yoma parts took.
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I love Claymore!
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Absolutely loved the manga and was super excited when the anime came out. It was well done and followed very closely to the manga with little filler. Sad that they didn't finish it. 

Wonderful piece. 
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Literally JUST started watching this haha. What timing...
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