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The story of how I got my first cosplay is one filled with.. Well.. Unlucky happenings, a bit of jealousy and also a lot of fun.

I think I've been wanting to cosplay for like.. two years now? Yeah, I've been an otaku for quite a while now, but the 'cosplay' thing never got me anywhere. Why? Because I never knew how to get a costume. Besides.. I didn't know who I should cosplay.

I had watched various animes, but my favorite characters were either boys or.. I didn't like the clothes. I'm not quite able to cosplay as boys either. I didn't want to cosplay people who were just wearing a school uniform or anything of the like, I wanted something special. In the end, I started to think of Kagamine Rin. She's my favorite vocaloid after all. (Next to Len though.) But I didn't like the fact that you could actually see her legs and her belly, so I just couldn't decide if I wanted to do her or not.

At the same time, I was thinking about Crona. As 'he' wasn't a boy or a girl for sure, it was alright if I cosplayed 'him', although I personally like to see 'him' as a guy. Although his clothes are a bit plain, I did like him a lot. Therefore, I made up my mind, I wanted to cosplay as Crona.

I went on looking for things to create the cosplay with. A long black dress wouldn't be hard to find, or so I thought. I still don't have one. I also ordered a wig, but is somehow never arrived.

As I was struggling with my Crona cosplay, my non-otaku sister decided she also liked dress up parties, and decided to go for the only anime girl she knew because she saw a real life action movie about it.. Misa from Death note. She bought a blonde wig in a random store, some Gothic looking accessories and got some stuff from an ex-Gothic girl. (who happens to be a friend of mine.) In the short time of two weeks, my sister managed to get together a full Misa cosplay. Of course, I was a little bit envious, but it was alright..

Somewhere after this story, I also tried on my sisters Misa cosplay once, the skirt was a bit too small, but it looked a bit like this..…

After a long time looking for Crona things, I gave up on him. My dad didn't know how to make the sword, and though a friend of mine created some pattern for her dress, that never got me far either.

Then I once again thought about Rin. After talking with a lot of people, I accepted the fact that she had a bare belly. I'm not fat anyway, right? Also, me and my sister found an anime con where we wanted to go. I would go as Rin, and she as.. Well, she suddenly wanted to be a vocaloid too. And she hates vocaloid, she truly does. She decided to go as Miku because she liked her looks. And without giving me the chance to say a word about it, She ordered the costume online.

This made me rather pissed. Why? Because Miku was the well-known vocaloid, when we would be together, she'd get all the attention. (I'm not that keen on attention, but I hope you get what I mean.) Besides, why Miku? She didn't even like Miku. And she already had a complete costume, she didn't even like animes and so, and still she was so much faster than me, who actually adored vocaloid and animes. I guess I was a bit jealous.

In the end, I ordered a Rin costume and a wig. My costume arrived earlier than hers, what kinda made me happy, although my sister was sad. When we both had the costumes, we decided to try them on and do the make-up and what not. I suck at make-up. I never wore make-up to begin with.. But my sister, she looked just stunning! I got kind of depressed.. In the end, my mother and my sister were both helping me with my make-up, and they still are whenever I dress up.. (which makes me feel kind of silly, but at the same time thankful.)

This is how it turned out.

My sister might not like anime and vocaloid like I do, but it's still fun to be together. It's fun to share an interest like cosplaying, and secretly I do really like her in her cosplay. The first time I wore my Rin cosplay was on the day of our school festival, it was so much fun! My sister didn't dress up as she's not in the last grade (only that grade is allowed to dress up then. Or, has to, actually.) I can't wait 'till the anime con 18-19 may, it's gonna be so much fun, me, and my 14 years old sister.

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