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Confrontation - Similar But (Very) Different #2

My second piece for the Similar But Different game over at ManipulateThis  

Original Gamepiece:

Game Rules:

I wanted to work on this piece because I liked the composition but I really enjoy stronger contrast and darker/more saturated looks, so I wanted to see if I could change it up a bit. This one was trickier because I had so much trouble with the original stock. The models were both gone, a lot of stock was renders which I don't like using too much, and I couldn't get the full sizes of a few other stocks to load. So it was never going to be too similar I guess. 

So, given that everything stock wise had fallen apart, I liked the idea f a drastic mood shift for this and went straight into a genre shift, really. from shiny happy surrealist city to some kind of apocalypse and a preparing battle against darkness... which is apparently a dress form with a mask and jackdaw wings. Don't question evil.

I tried to keep most of the elements in there but change them to add to the new pseudo-post-disaster look. The cogs that were once lined up on the sides of the buildings are now scattered across the road. The black cats have multiplied and are following the mother and daughter around, watching. Most ships and balloons are staying their distance. The Stop sign that was in the sky is now laying in the mud, etc. And the strange rendered mannequin from the original got an evil makeover, complete with the flying swan boat original's wings.

I like how it turned out but that stock hunt was a mess

I also worked on this at 5% zoom the entire time so I can get this printed out as a poster for my college room when I move in in 2 weeks. Speaking of, Photoshop hits the RAM limit on my laptop trying to save that jpeg optimized!


Sunset-Stockby MissyStock

Mehrunnisa-stock257by Mehrunnisa-stock

Places 046 stairsby Dreamcatcher-stock

stairs Iby mimose-stock

more stairsby mimose-stock


We Shall Have Spring Againby Elandria

Fog 26by lumibear

Cracked Ground 02by WingsOfAHero

Broken Floor tileby editingninja

Gears Transparent PNGsby redheadstock

Cogs transparent PNGby AbsurdWordPreferred

Stopby senzostock

Discarded Bear.10_Mind-Matterby Mind-Matter

Old Wall Clockby FantasyStock

Verona Stock 11by Malleni-Stock

Hot Air Balloonby DandyStock

Girls Everywhere 43by Falln-Stock

Straw Hatby deathbycanon-stock

Pink Headband Bowby RandomResources

Gothic Texture 2by AshenSorrow

stock 280: yellow balloonby sophiaastock

Cima 098by FairieGoodMother

Candles 3by Tasastock

mask IIIby min-stock

Dressform 3by momerath-stock

Jackdaw53 2013by FrankAndCarySTOCK

Sitting Black Cat Stockby CNStock

Cat Stock 26by Malleni-Stock

Cat Stock 27by Malleni-Stock

black cat on white snowby two-ladies-stocks 

Miss Divaby DiamonEyes

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Wow! this was a huge transformation! Wonderful work!
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Amazing artwork!
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Wonderful work :) (Smile) 
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Beautiful work!
Thank you so much for using my stock :heart:
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I can see how if many of the original stock is no longer available it would be difficult to truly do a closer "similar, but different" version of the photomanipulation, but your changes truly created a fascinating image.  I do have a technical critique.  Even in surrealism, for it to work, it must be based on reality.  There is a problem with your cats...spatially-wise; their sizes do not change accurately.   By the placement of the one on the right-hand side, it is also the one in the nearest foreground; we move up and left to the next cat that exists in the spatial relationship of the other objects, then up to the next one.  When I look at these three cats, their size relationship to the other objects and their place in space is inaccurate and throws your image off.  Of course, that can be done on purpose, making them stand out to be the most important part of the image, but I don't think that's what you were going for. Therefore, the viewer's attention can be thrown off because the cats "don't look right."  Review my walkthrough on space and depth to see what I'm speaking about:

About: Creating The Illusion Of Space And DepthNEWS
This is one of our "About" Lessons; a series of  journals about Photomanipulation, about Art, and about being an Artist.  These journals exist to help you, the Photomanipulator, be a better artist.  After all, we are artist who use Photomanipulation as our media, but to create great art, we must know what we're doing. Also, I want our group members to be educated in using the appropriate language.

This "About" Lesson is my third revamp version on the all important art technique, How to Create the Illusion of 3D Dept on a 2D surface.  

Space exist in the real three-dimensional world.  It is the space between and around objects.
Depth is the quality of being deep; deepness. 
:bulletblack: There may only be a distance of a few inches of space between and around one object to another, (for example, from the front of my monitor to the back of my office wall) or many miles (such as looking across
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you did a fab job with this. i love it! 
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Beautiful work!!! Thank you so much for using my stock to create it!   I am going to add this one to my keepsake book for my daughter :D   :iconlisabagherpour:
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I really love this - you have certainly done a good job locating alternative stock... I did know that a lot of it was no longer available and/or renders. The change of mood was a great idea, and you have executed it wonderfully :w00t:
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