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Ravenclaw Hufflepuff

With the new movie coming out soon i'm re-reading HBP and i found myself in the mood for some hp fanart.
So,here's a quick and kind of sloppy sketch of Rowena Ravenclaw and Helga Hufflepuff.Rowena came out looking a little younger than i wanted but i like it anyway.
I also do not remember if it was ever mentioned how Ravenclaw's diadem looked so i took some liberties and gave her a very simple circlet cause i just felt it would suit her.

They belong to JK Rowling.
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ravenclaw ravenclaw ravenclaaaaaaaaw!!!
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Wow, I really like this. That's EXACTLY I how picture these two.
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I really like this! I imagined Helga to be pretty and modest, and Rowena to be beautiful and cold. 
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EEEEEK This i EXACTLY how I imagine them to be!! Rowena the beautiful, witty clever but slightly cold one and Helena the lovely, kind, generous and caring one!! Fantastic piece of Art! Meow :3 
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Oh, this is sooo old! I have newer versions of them! But i'm glad you still liked it, thanks for your comment! :)
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You are an amazing artist. Great jobLlama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1] 
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wow! rowena looks amazing!
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Ravenclaw was always my favourite with Godric Gryffindor :D I love your artwork!! ;)
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My friend if this is your version of sloppy I would love to see you do a serious picture. This is great, it's hard to find pictures of the four founders.
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Thank you for your compliment. I do have a better picture of all of them actually, here… . And Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff coloured here… and… respectively. ;)
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O.O If I try to say anything I'll start swearing. This is amazing! And you say it's quick and kind of sloppy.Whaaat 
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You should upload some of these pictures to Pottermore too :o
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Also, you can promote art and such on the page, so you can post this picture and a link to your DA if you want :)
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Great job, I can never draw Rowena the way I imagine her, but you pretty much drew her exactly as I imagine her. Helga looks gorgeous, her bright colors are so pretty against Rowena's calming blues. :) Nice job.

Any fans of Pottermore on here? If you were sorted into Ravenclaw house, check out this tumblr page I made. It was originally intended to be a place to chat instead of on Pottermore, since PM doesn't allow certain words and/or private messaging. But, you can also promote your art, chat, post pictures and videos, roleplay, etc.

Check it out here:
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they look so beautiful and elegant
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Hum. I think Hufflepuff's neck is too thin. Good job, otherwise. :)
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I can't stop commenting. I live this. You should be an artist-are you an artist? Yes you are. Whatever you say, you are. No doubt 'bout it.
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Omg AMAZING!!! Btw I am not just copying IvyHeil, that was just the first thing that came into my mind! When is Godric and Salazar? And you should also do the ghosts, and the .... Well, basically, I live your art, so plz tell me when there is more!!!!!
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omg, amazing!
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