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I'm Cold -- merthur


Arthur, you prat, maybe you wouldn’t be so cold if you didn’t sleep shirtless in the middle of the forest.
Oh well, Merlin is here to help.

Merlin and Arthur, from BBC's Merlin.
This show has taken over my life, which you'll already know if you follow me on tumblr.

EDIT: The absolutely amazing :icongosangoku: wrote a wonderfully fluffy ficlet to go along with this! Enjoy!

Merlin writhed restlessly on the forest floor, curling into himself slightly as if
that would ward of the chill of the night. His eyes fluttered as he shuddered
and he heaved a quiet sigh, consoling himself with how beautiful the stars
shone in the night sky, and how he was - he was close to Arthur, even if he
wasn't as close as he might secretly wish to be. But no - no, it did no good to
dwell on such thoughts, such - such stupidly aspirational dreams that he
should never have entertained...

But it was so bloody difficult not to imagine embracing Arthur and kissing him
and exchanging I love yous when he was truly, utterly, hopelessly in love
with the prat.

He smiled a bittersweet smile, feeling an ache in his chest and fluttering
sensations in his stomach as he quashed his feelings for the umpteenth
time, telling himself to just stop because he was being completely silly and
making himself feel wretched; Arthur wasn't a sentimental man and he opted
to disguise any deep feelings and affection beneath pride and arrogance and
punches-turned-clasps-turned-clutches on the shoulder. It was stupid for
Merlin to even dream--


He stilled, holding his breath for a moment, and then swallowed down the
sudden uproarious hope and fought back his accelerating heartbeat. His eyes
flickered towards the bundle behind him and he licked his lips, ready to heave
himself up for firewood or something ridiculous that Arthur would request at
midnight just because he felt like being a clotpole.

"Merlin, I'm cold."

Teeth sinking into his lower lip, Merlin slowly shifted, sitting up and glancing
anxiously over at Arthur. Usually, back in Camelot, when they were alone in
Arthur's chambers, Arthur sometimes used excuses like that to - to hold
onto him, but he wasn't sure now if to... if to indulge himself, in case Arthur
just laughed at him or - or shoved him away or worse and he couldn't--

Before he could overanalyse the situation, Merlin scuttled over to Arthur,
raising an inquisitive brow and looking down at him condescendingly, only for
Arthur to huff and tug him towards him. He fell in an inelegant flail of limbs,
before squirming beneath the quilt, tucking his head beneath his chin and
nuzzling into his neck, praying that Arthur couldn't feel his heartbeat. But he
could feel Arthur's, he realised, as he casually but tentatively threw an arm
across his chest.

"That's better."

Merlin huffed a breathless little chuckle, settled by the familiarity of Arthur's
bossiness and Arthur-ness, and resumed nuzzling against him. "You know,
perhaps you wouldn't be quite as cold if you didn't insist upon sleeping
shirtless in a forest," quipped Merlin, only struggling for show when Arthur
ruffled his hair. Wouldn't do to have the dollophead think he actually rather
liked it.

"No matter," Arthur decided, waving a hand before seeming to drape it across
Merlin as if he didn't notice, but the action was belied by how he carefully
tugged the blanket higher over them. Merlin hid a warm, stupidly soppy smile
against Arthur's neck. "You're here to warm me up."

"Yeah," Merlin admitted, feeling their heartbeats merge. "I always will be."

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very cool.......
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Next up in I Don't Ship It But This Fanart Makes Me Wish I Did...
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To exsamen your vag
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We need a docter
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We really Do:iconohyoublushplz: 
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of course your fucking cold you have no shirt on! XD buuut merlin can help youuu!Pervy Bubbles 
SERIOUSLY CUTEST PIC EVER *Sobs over Merthur feels*
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**Squeals!!!!!!!!!!!** very lovely
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XD That's what I said, Arther. Put a shirt on, then XDDD
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Awwwww that's so cute
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This is so cute!! It totally seems like something Arthur would do just to get Merlin to cuddle with him~ :iconluvluvplz:
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Awwwwww. The little story is adorbs! And the art is so cute and cuddly!
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Aaaaaaaaaaawwwww *ççç* I LOVE IT! <3
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omfg this is so perfect <3
Eeeeeek! This makes me so happy. <3 The ficlet it so fuzzy and perfect, it makes me love them even more! If that's even possible!!
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Eep so happy. If I keep reading it, the end of the series will go away.
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I love this. I cannot express in words how much I love this. It's perfect. I /love/ this.
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