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Daring Do

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"Daring Do reading a Daring Do book and asking "Who writes this anyways?""

My Little Pony: Friendship is... What am I reading?

Edit: Wooo I was on Equestria Daily! Why does this always get me hyped?
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FnafWorldFrenzyHobbyist Digital Artist
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Well, miss A.K. Yearling, apparently you do.
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AnlenaRarityStudent Digital Artist
Daring Doom !
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Solarflared-MUGENHobbyist Digital Artist
Not sure if it's fictional Daring Do (from the IDW Comics) reading one of the novels she came from, or the real Daring Do (Also known as A.K. Yearling) taking a look at Dashie's fanfiction.
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Oh, the irony!
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The-NecromancerHobbyist General Artist
Full blame would go to her editor...
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Miz-JynxHobbyist Digital Artist
She does! XD
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pinkiestarHobbyist Digital Artist
this is hilarious because she writes her own books
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TheEdamameStudent Digital Artist
This was made before season 4.
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Aren't the writers forbidden from reading fanfics?
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Rainbow Dash
I suposse daring do is reading a fanfic of dashie XD
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BookLoverTwilightHobbyist Traditional Artist
quite all right. EQD gets everypony hyped. great art, funny puns. :D great art
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What the poop mon what the poop!!!!!!!¡
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GlitchHeadHobbyist Writer
This comment is gonna get attacked by the idiot troll, but Ingotta say I love this pic. =) Asfor the discussion on why Daring doesn't know who the author is, my personal thought is that the book was lying on the floor and she started reading it before Twilight or Spike could get to it. We're probably seeing her just as she's about to look at the cover, in fact.
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Idiot BOZO troll maget :P
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ACharmingPonyHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you I like hearing interpretations of what is going on :3
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Hah! That's really cute, and yeah, it probably would be rather weird to come across fiction involving yourself. :)
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Kano-20Hobbyist General Artist
XXDD im doing an rp with daring dos great great grand daughter Alex J. Charters
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LOL u gaybois aACTUALLY do roleplays lmfao thats so pathetic
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Kano-20Hobbyist General Artist
go away
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Kano-20Hobbyist General Artist
why are you hating on me i have done nothing to you
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