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Thank you for having me! :) One of my many hobbies is amateur filmmaking and I've made a few short films, sketches and film vlogs over the years. These days I'm kept quite busy by a combination of studies, work and parenthood, so I've had a long break from video projects but I hope to return to it some day. The stuff I made with my friends for the channel "Guerilla Pictures" can be found here… while all sorts of unaffiliated sketches and animation-tests can be found here…. Besides these videos I've also made plenty of videos on folklore, but these are exclusively in Swedish.

Glad to have you.
I have plenty of pictures of puppets and other props (both physical and digital) I've used in my video shorts, but I'm not sure which folder would be most appropriate for any of those.
Let's have them in the Animation and films folder. I've expanded the description to cover props and what-have-you.
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There is lot of softwares to make games with high quality and two of them are Game maker studio (2d) and UDK (3d) They let you to work easily. But I'd love to know python tutorials too :D
There are indeed a lot of different nice game making software :)
:). Looks fine. I'm working on a little game. But it really likes kid games and I don't know why XD