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A few months ago I put together a little zine that collects some of my work. Here's the cover.

Still might touch it up a bit and remove the word "free"
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Nice cover, AC! I totally agree with removing the 'free'. You gave every copy of Genkiface away for free, so people already know and love your work. Now's the time to step up and say 'I put a value on my art, I hope you do too'. There's nothing wrong with sharing a few copies for free, but at least give people the chance to show you their support! I know you'll be pleasantly surprised.

As for me, sign me up! I'll take my copy of Tangents of Insanity fresh and full-priced!
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Rock on! I'll let you know when I make the next batch :boogie:
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Really nice cover design, and free can class up just about anything.
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Thanks. It was free for the first few printings... It might stay that way, but the stuff I put out in the (near) future I'll probably charge 2 bucks (and most likely end up giving it out for free anyway).
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Way to stick to a price point. :D But you having fun with it, what's a few bucks anyway?