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Contest Design Vocaloid Alys V.1

By acetea-san
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Here is a drawing I did according to the silhouette that was published for VOCALOID ALYS !

I hope you'll enjoy it anyway, because I had fun to do this.

She's called Mooloid !

I suppose she could be considered as a derivative now, or an alternative outfit !

:new: Chibi Version > Mooloid Chibi version by acetea-san
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Vive la france x)
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Will you make an French UTAU voicebank for her? It would be so fun to have her and ALYS sing together~!
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haha, this is adorable :D
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Pour être franche je préfère ta version, elle a plus la classe, elle fait plus française. 
Celle qui a été choisi regroupe trop de bémol, dont le faite qu'elle fait plus japonaise que française et qu'elle a limite les meme couleur que Miku.

Moi, j'adore ta version :)
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Merci Ashkorya :)!!  J'ai représenté un personnage purement français jusqu'à l'excès alors qu'Alys ne représente pas que la france mais tous les pays francophone ^^.
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Je t'en prie ^^
C'est vrai mes hélas, celle qui est sensé représenté tout les pays Francophones est trop japonaise :/
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however i love his face and his hair ^^
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too frenchie XD I'm french and we're not like that ! this is "clichés"
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Je suis français aussi ^^, c'est fait exprès je te rassure :p!
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ok. Apperement on l'appelle Mooloid, c'est toi qui lui a donné ce nom?
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Oui c'est bien Mooloid. Non c'est une idée d'une autre personne le nom à la base, elle va peut être avoir un autre nom bientôt ;)!
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lovely design but her left leg is much shorter than right :) 
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Thank you ^_^, yes i know :p
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Ah mooloid!

I swear, You should find someone to voice a Utau for her...(as ALYS company chickened out on us, and basically said "f**k you VOCALOID!", so my interest with ALYS, is like zero xD)

I bet some how someone will try to make her into a Vipperloid. xD
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I don't what i will do for Mooloid, it's to early ^^.
VoxWave didn't have any choice about dropping Vocaloid,
You need to agree on both sides to decide a business agreement.

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It's like ring and Lui...two great VOCALOIDs, just a crap poor company saying shit too early.

I'm still mad YAMAHA did'nt pick up Ring and Lui. It's YAMAHA's fault that their not completed. 

ALYS would have made a great VOCALOID. (but I believe it was YAMAHA being stubborn and not wanting to wast time on ALYS, rather work on "new project" that turned out to Be VFlower...)
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CeVIO is an amazing software, so I don't see why you're so upset she isn't a vocaloid. You should check Satou Sasara, she's a CeVIO and sounds like a real person, plus she can talk. It's a proof that CeVIO is a good software. So whatever, CeVIO or Vocaloid ? Both sound good.
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Excellent! love this style!
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Love her! :) (Smile) Hey, do you do requests? I would loove that you draw this chilean vocaloid:…
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Thanks! Sorry i have no Time :s
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