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Vinyl and Octavia: Island Mishap

Hoo boy, this took a while, but I'm finally done!

Something made for coconeru, a musician friend of mine, for one of his songs!

So yeah, Vinyl and Octavia stuck on an island! Why? I dunno...

Got a bit of art help from my friend arcum :iconarcum89: with this. Thanks a lot, man!

And here's coco's youtube account:

Edit: now with 100% more horn.
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Such a good song!

SV-SugarVampire's avatar
Octavia needs a hug
Hovel's avatar
I dont know why but i am still comming back to this picture and also to its songs/melodys <.<

The only thing i know is, that i still love it
SonicTAlicorn's avatar
I love that song! Great cover art.
EmSeeAre's avatar
You're the one who made this cover art? Never thought I'd run into the artist on dA. Lol
Fun song.
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Hey, I'm trying to write an article on background ponies for EQD, and I was wondering if it would be okay if I used your picture in Octavia's section? I will give you full credit for your artwork in the article.
Acesential's avatar
Certainly!  Go right ahead!
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Thanks! Personally, Vinyl and Octavia are my favorite background ponies (apart from Derpy, of course).
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Hey, i just wanna use ur art for my remake music of Tropical Octav3, thanks in advance
Acesential's avatar
Permission granted!
Weird how the wild one seems to be the most calm.
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somepony make this into a comic, now.
SonicTheDashie's avatar
Vinyl and Octavia Are My Fav Pony And i Love Theme :D :heart:
AnnieRoshino's avatar
Its funny Vinyl look like a dude XD
Shailsnic's avatar
Now I KNOW you've probably heard this a hundred or so times before, but both this artwork and the song that went with it are great!
NeonRedWings's avatar
Awesome picture, awesome song!
WonderboltfanRainbow's avatar
LOL I've seen this on MANNY places on the web so you made it! :D:?
Can you make it into a wallpaper?
middlelink's avatar
i love it, the expression and all, so amazing
Vinyl and Octavia should have a sictom together
Sir-Tristan's avatar
It's called "The Vinyl Scratch Tapes" :P
soarinbolt's avatar
Can't get it out of my fucking head aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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