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The Sun Collective Presents: MFS-001

The Sun Collective is proud to present the very first functioning Macrocomputational Functionary Servant, designated MFS-001.

The concept of the MFS existed long before the rise of megacorps and The Grid, often as a theoretical set of technologies discussed in many a graduate theses. Plans for the MFS are to have a computer hub capable of accepting many kinds of inputs, with an AI that can work to manage the immense amounts of data that would process through. From there, it would be able to deliver pertinent information to users based on its billions of computations, as well as organize data in an efficient matter. Its applications would range from military, medical, educational, and so forth. Unfortunately, AI technology is still incredibly rudimentary, leaving the coveted MFS still a pipedream for many. That is until today.


So this was a fun one to work on! The idea was given to me by a friend of mine after we collectively came up with a spontaneous cyberpunk universe kind of thing (involving ponies, naturally).

I took inspiration from multiple sources to come up with the final design. You can see exactly what inspired what via this link…

The wings were initially inspired by Gundam, but it took more elements from VTOL aircraft as I tossed propellers into them. The energy wings are still retained from Gundam though, because they look really cool.

The heel-hooves were inspired by a robot pony TF by my friend Daf, which can be seen here:… (slightly NSFW).

Hope you like this drawing~ I may make a series out of these... maybe~
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Killer instinct - the pinnacle

playing in the background
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Very cool mech design!
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Straight into my faves! This is awesome!
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Small Wonder this technology has been so sought-after.
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Domo arigato, Mrs. Ponboto~
(God, I'm a dork)
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Looks amazing! It shows that you had a lot of fun :)
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Ok, I admit I really dig the design :)
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This is so fucking awesome xD
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This can only lead to bigger and better things for robot transformations down the road.
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Huh. I never saw this comment from way back when, but as I was about to say:
"Knowing you, you should make it happen. Like... soon."
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