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Super Soda Sisters GalaCon Promo

A little something-something I drew up for a GalaCon promo!

I was told to go for a "classic video games" theme, and from a few sketches I made, the Super Soda Sisters won out.

This was actually a lot of fun drawing.  I got to draw some very iconic setpieces of the mario series, such as the pipes, the blocks, the flag, and even that little hill in the background with eyes!  Composition wise, I think it's some of the best work I've done.  It's also the first time I've ever drawn Canni, Sani, and Wachmann, so that was a big plus, too!

A very special thanks to my little sis/friend mynder :iconmynder:, who did a fantastic vectoring job of Sani's cutie mark and the GalaCon logo.  Definitely saved me a lot of headache as I worked on this.  Thanks again, sis~

Anyway, the thing you see up there was made as a mug design!  Hopefully you'll get to see it in mug form very soon!

Go, go and support Galacon!…

Edit: Here's the link to get to the mug directly!  15 Euros!…

(due to its usage by Galacon, I'm only allowed to upload this with a watermark.  Apologies to those who don't like such things- I normally do not watermark my drawings, but contractual obligations obligated me to.  The watermark will be removed as soon as the mug is no longer being sold!)
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DarkSyndrom3's avatar
Thanks for your great art :D
I'm surprised you didn't know about the cover X3

Maybe you should visit Galacon sometimes ;D
FiMvisible's avatar
Oh, look what I found. So, it was you who drew this? I went to GalaCon and this was on the cover of the lovely convention "guidebook"; as such it currently sits in my room for all to see, so... thank you for drawing this! ^^
Acesential's avatar
Oooh, it was on the cover?!  Please, if you could- could you send me a picture?  I'm going to be sent the program booklet so I can see for myself, but I'm impatient~
Acesential's avatar
Here I was thinking the art was just inside the booklet.
Nope, it's on the front cover.

FiMvisible's avatar
You can DEFINITELY do it, man (don't, though)! :D

I personally liked a lot GalaCon's choice for a themeI find it helped enhance the overall experience. Here's hoping they do something like this next year, too. :)
GriffinriderStampede's avatar
Thank you, Twilight Sparkle, but Princess Celestia is in another castle.
EpicLPer's avatar
That means you're going to GalaCon?
Acesential's avatar
Unfortunately, no.  I'm just doing art for them!
JNRedmon's avatar
Very awesome! I love the perspective, and how you did the background.
RockingScorpion's avatar
I've been collecting all kinds of mugs for years now. This one is a must as well. *throws money at GalaCon Startnext*

Fantastic artwork. :)
Acesential's avatar
Yay~!!  Thank you!
MattJackson's avatar
This picture would so perfectly fit on this years GalaCon convention guide booklet. If it stays as in my 1st draft that is.
Acesential's avatar
It's in the booklet?!
Ooooh, I hope it stays in~!
MattJackson's avatar
Hehe, no. That's a little misunderstanding there. What i meant was, that your artwork WOULD fit in perfectly, because the title page HAS a little bit of Super Mario Bros reference in it. But your it's not actually in there. I never would use someone elses art without permission. ;)
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SkyeyPony's avatar
ahahaha so cool!
ABronyAccount's avatar
Waitaminute, isn't this like if Luigi and Peach were the same person?
Whibbleton's avatar
Sweet work, guys.
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