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Pinkie Logic


Yes.  I finally made a comic.  This one has been basically cooking for over half a year.  I'm really happy to see it finished, but I also never want to see it ever again :u

The idea was given to me by my friend katana314- the same fella who inspired moustache ponies.  Over the past several months, I've entertained the idea, but never really pushed through with making it.

However, I got into a conversation with :iconaquaticsun: aquaticsun.  During it, I mentioned my comic idea, and he finally gave me the push I needed to complete it.

That was about 2 months ago.  BUT HEY!  IT'S DONE NOW!!

So, yeah.  Comics!  Enjoy~


Now that I have some time- my thoughts on this thing.

Since this comic was made over a period of several months, there is a noticeable difference in quality from the earlier panels to the later one, mostly in the proportions and inking.  That was one of the bigger things frustrating me about this thing.  I can see that this thing took a long time to make, and its not good D:

Also, my biggest problem with it- this comic is definitely not framed nor is it paced like a normal comedic comic.  Those first five frames could totally have been compressed into one and it wouldn't have affected the punchline whatsoever.  really, the only reason why those panels exist is because 1- I wanted the first panel to be Pinkie pushing her face up against the oven, and 2- I thought it would be funny to have Twilight stand there awkwardly.  How well that worked out, well- I'll leave that up to the reader to tell me.


As bitter as I'm making myself out to be, I really am proud of this comic.  It's definitely not the best reflection of my work, but I'm proud of it regardless.
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I don't get it?

Stuntpony's avatar

Magic is not supposed to conduct heat to the horn? Yet it does somehow?

Cadyget's avatar

You don't get it either?

Stuntpony's avatar

Obvious anwsers sometimes can be said as questions.

- Why is it so hot here?

- Because the heating is on, duh?

You really don't know English, do you?

Cadyget's avatar

Of course I know english, the comic just confused me a little.

Stuntpony's avatar

My comment confused you. I said the explanation with question mark, and you somehow thought that I don't know what I said.

Cadyget's avatar

No, I just thought you were trying to say your confusions too.

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“Perhaps the laws of physics cease to exist on your stove!” -Joe Pesci

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That was funny.
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oh right....pinkie pie..don't question it
KnightofNerdom's avatar
 I didn't know unicorns could burn their horns 
Wireball's avatar
I really like how you drew Twilight in panel 4, for some reason - probably the pose.  Entertaining overall, too.
SomeRandomMinion's avatar
Twilight's brain is broken.
alexwarlorn's avatar
"Heat transference over telekinesis?"
WarriorDan's avatar
Hey, your name looks familiar.
Coora's avatar
Let it go Twilight, before you hurt yourself.
NikoBanks's avatar
Lol, this is great! Kinda looks like something you'd find in a Mad Magazine.
meepking123's avatar
absolutly pinkie sense
JustinNF's avatar
When Pinkie sense take over Equestria's sense...
JojoDaggerback's avatar
I didn't think the 'extra' frames get in the way or slow down the comics. In fact I think they show better Pinkie personality and Twilight curiosity.
Now ... Why are they using Lyra oven mitt?
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