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Calpaaaaaain! What have you doooone!!!
EqD is on fire! Everything's crumbling and collapsing! It's Derpygate all over again!
Anger! Depression! Angst!
End of the fandom! Leaving forever!


So! :iconcalpain-eqd: Calpain asked me some time ago if I could draw him and :iconxyrotr1: Xyro burning EquestriaDaily down, while the rest of the crew was away at Unicon! So, I worked out a quick sketch, and started the inking and coloring process yesterday during a livestream! Again used the shading process I learned/figured out/stole from someone not sure who from doing DiLeak's commission [link] .

During the livestream, I had a running skype voice chat with friends :iconarcum89: Arcum, :iconphoenixswift: PhoenixSwift, and :iconfirehazard14: Firehazard14. My friend :iconveggie55: Veggie came by as well. Lots of fun was had. If you just want to hear a bunch of guys shooting the breeze, talking about anything that comes to mind, you should stop by! The conversations are amusing, to say the least.

:iconuc77: UC77 also stopped by for a bit. He gave me a good pointer on using the luminosity layer effect. I'm... not sure if I used it properly, using it to highlight the places where the fire was on... But, now, I'm aware of its existence, and will make use of it in future works!

Also, I think Veggie is going to be calling UC77, Lucy, from now on.
As I said, skype convo's are pretty interesting.

You'd think that I would know how to draw a server rack, considering I stare at one during work all day...

Whole thing took about 6-ish hours to make. It shows- that fire suuuuuucksssss.
Though, adding a vignette around the corners added a lot to the effect.
To achieve that glowly effect, I duplicated the entire image (flattened), gave it a high degree of Gaussian blur, placed it above the original picture, and set it to lighten/screen (play around with layer effects, see what you like). From there, I run a low-flow eraser over it on certain places to make it look a touch sharper (like Xyro's face, for instance).

I dunno if steel girders can actually burn like that, but dammit, I'm the artist, so I drew it that way!


I have to say, this is probably one of my better works (mark 3-4th time I've said that?). As per usual comments and critiques are well appreciated. Especially critiques.
Seriously guys, tear my artwork apart! I NEED TO BURN, I mean, LEARN!!

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I still laugh every time I see this...
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This definitely made my day! rofl

Now if only such an accident could befall Fox News...
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Bwahahaha. X3
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Steel Girders can burn like that.

Source: I pour petrol on things that I probably shouldn't.
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RalekArtsProfessional Filmographer
You sound like you'd be fun at parties.
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Pirill-PoveniyHobbyist Digital Artist
You deserve all the internets just for the reference at the end of the description.
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mikhal123Hobbyist Photographer
Thats so funny. i love it! about 20% cooler
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This is the reason why all the science i do... Is with a hammer!
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JFPierreStudent General Artist
Oh what they wouldn't give for a unicorn with water spell
PHILOSARAPTOR547Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Protip, never let Cal work on EQD by himself ever again also...........FIRE BAD! FIRE BAD! XD
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flippedoutkyriiHobbyist Traditional Artist
For a brief moment, I honestly believed the sever for ED caught fire and was extinguished when I was on the other side of my city today :D
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YogfanHobbyist Digital Artist
LOL :iconcalpain-eqd:'s face XD
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CloudwilkProfessional Filmographer
XD I shouldn't be laughing... but.... XD
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Game-BeatX14Hobbyist Digital Artist
Haha, I love their expressions, nice work!

Also, dat Dexter's Laboratory reference in the description...
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tunipeaceHobbyist General Artist
sigh... discord
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SolaceAndSilenceStudent Writer
I don't know why this is so wonderful. But it is.

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AlexstrazseStudent Digital Artist
I love how Xyro is trying to use the computer as it's on fire.
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You made my day with this art :lol:
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Fire can be pretty disorienting like that.
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The fires of friendship is strong in those ones.
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The fire of friendship lives in our manes,
as long as it burns, we can not post again...
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Though smoke will arise, and embers renew
'Stop, Drop, and Roll' will see us through
We are a circle of burning friends
A circle of friends we'll be to the very end!
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Looks like Calpain is doing his job well! lol
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