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Lost in the Forest


In an effort to continue practicing my rendering and background abilities, have Twilight in the forest. Colorwise, I’m quite happy with this one- I was actually inspired by some concept art from Kubo and the Two Strings.

As I’m doing this, I’m realizing more and more that for the exceptionally skilled artists, the point I consider myself “done” is their halfway point. Between this and the Asriel drawing, if I spent more time adding the small details, I could really bring these drawings to life.

Something for myself to consider, moving forward.

Next time, I need to work on rendering characters!

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This has a great sense of atmosphere. Have you seen Kubo? Is it as good as everyone says?
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This is my favorite type of art. Not super detailed character art or funny comics, but gorgeous pieces with only one or a few characters, not as a focus, but just a small speck of dust in a corner of a massive landscape
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Wonderful work
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I wish I can do lighting
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Bookhorse is spooked!
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Ppoison Joke pollen incoming!
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At least she can cast light at will. :)
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But when she casts light, she also casts shadows!
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