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I'm a Pony?!

This comic is comprised of random sketches I made that I later assembled into a somewhat cohesive comic. Basically, I was trying to figure out how I would react if I was suddenly turned into a pony. As enticing as it would be to think that it would be all sunshine, lollipops, rainbows, and everything wonderful, I decided to go for a fairly more realistic approach.

I mean, hands, man.

Partly inspired by a fan fic I read, First Pony View. I found the psychological examination of a human-turned-pony much more interesting than most stories like it.
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I would be the happiest person/pony on earth if that happened to me
(My OC have hands, Na-na-na-na-naa)
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Oh wow, imagine relearning how to walk! Like a fresh calf out the womb, haha!

Anyways great work, it's pretty realistic& adorable.
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This is adorable =D course I'd be more rivited about it.....relearning how to walk on the other hand...not so great.
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my dream morning .__.
Elastas's avatar
Well this was enjoyable (and I totally saw it being inspired by that particular fic)
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