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Hitting up Pony Joe's Donut Shop

By Acesential
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Mmmmmm~ Donuts~

This was drawn for BronyAlex for a fundraiser! Thanks to him for the donation and wonderful prompt.
Shining Armor looks adorable here.
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I don't think it's the doughnuts Twilight's checking out.

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Twilight looks confused here. XD
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Shining looks so weird......... did.... did they drug the donuts Oo?
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Can't beat Tim Horton's, though. :)
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Twilight "These are delicious!....Don't tell Celestia."
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Universal threat. Enough said.

Wonderful work
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I am incapable of discerning if this refers to donuts being a threat to pony health or if Joe is a threat to pony waifu.

Whatever you do Twily, don't touch those donuts! He doesn't deserve-, I mean, the donuts do not deserve you. Yes.
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Ugh. Treat. Universal treat. White sugar is the universal threat. I keep mixing those two... *chuckle* Oh well. But yeah, we have a Krispy Kreme here and each time I'm around the place it smells like sugar and fat.

Reference of Pinkie Pie from the Mentally Advanced Series, yes.
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PetkotonHobbyist Artisan Crafter
argue don't maid having donuts
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KyoshyuHobbyist General Artist
Delicious indeed.
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IBAIPshowProfessional Artist
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cooljell522Hobbyist Digital Artist
I LOVE this piece of art!
It has amazing lighting and it reminds me of Twilight's home in canterlot! ^^
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DAAAAWW! Twilie is like "What are those?"

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moosetasmHobbyist Digital Artist
I think it's more like: "Which one do I want?"
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The chocolate one :D
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"Don't eat with your hooves." and she swats him.
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I can't pick a favorite expression.

 Why you gotta do dis to me man.
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The stare between those two just screams
"When these two are gone, imma fill your arse with cream"
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hunterandspyroHobbyist Artist
"MMMMM Donut"
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O_o..... Bro?..... is that you?.... if so, lemme get a doughnut.... and Twiley doesn't need any cause she's chunky...
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Twilight is enchanted by Joe's glorious holes!
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Well said.
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ace this came out so awesome! The characters look so fantastic! 
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