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Fo:E Radio Play EP2- Into the Wastes


After months of hard work, the Equestrian Broadcasting Company is proud to present the next chapter in the thrilling saga of the Fallout: Equestria Radio Play. In the last episode, we left our young heroine, Littlepip, as she was swept up in a series of events that would change her life forever.

Having left the comforts of her stable, Littlepip is subjected to the vast and harsh nature of the Wasteland for the very first time, and although she is mere feet from the place she had lived her whole life, she couldn't be further from home. How will she adjust to the horrors lying in wait around every turn? Where could Velvet Remedy have gone, and for what reason?

What does the future hold for our heroine in the making?

Find out in Fallout Equestria Episode 2: Into the Wastes


Youtube Link:…

Fallout: Equestria Radio Play

Episode 2: Into the Wastes

Jessi Nowack (Nowacking) as Littlepip
Eileen Montgomery (EileMonty) as Velvet Remedy
Adam Hastings (Scorch Mechanic) as the Narrator
Matt Bunch (MisterShoebox) as Monterey Jack

Also featuring the voice talents of:
Justin Levens (Xlerb)
Evan McMillin
Hamish Boyle

Based on the story by Kkat
Adapted for radio by RadioHooves and LeatherDuster
Editing and sound design by Warbalist, Lyonize, and TicTac
Original soundtrack by Warbalist and Pashoo
Visual art by Acesential and Pashoo
Casting by Matt Bunch (MisterShoebox)
Project Coordination by Dalken Starbyne
Public Relations and Release Planning by The4thaggie

Special Thanks:

Squeak Anon


This piece was a fun to draw.  It was the result of a team agreement between four sketches, which you can see here:

While I personally liked sketch 3 and 2, sketch 4 had a much stronger character focus, so we went with that one.  Sketch 1 was almost immediately discareded because it lacked a focus point and was otherwise just sloppy.
You can see that things change around in the middle of the drawing process.  Littlepip's expression was changed and I opened both her eyes.  Montery Jack was redrawn almost completely in the process of giving him a more solidified appearance.  Also, in the process of drawing the background, my brother added more "nature", with the tall grass and trees.  He and I also detemined the extent of damage done to Rarity's boutique, which serves as the centerpiece of the drawing.

I based the design of Montery Jack off his design in the Fallout: Equestria wiki:…
Which was done by the artist starryoak :iconstarryoak:, which can be found here:…

This was drawn collaboratively between my brother oPashoo ( and myself.  I did the composition, layout, effects, texturing, and character art, while he rendered the background properly.
Visit his tumblr, he's got some art of his own, there!

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Oh well look at that!, I watched this a few days ago, small world to come across your art and watch you then realise xD
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Wait, why didn't Monterrey Jack have an Australian accent? Why wasn't he hanging out with a fly? Why didn't he call Lil' Pip "Gadget, love"?
But, but! It's Brie '86!
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That was an awesome chapter
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Man, that looks fantastic! You're much too good at this. 
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*sigh* I was afraid it wasn't going to happen anymore... but now... :iconlilpiplaplz:
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Oooh, I'm so excited right now ! I'll have to stay up until 1AM to have a chance to listen to the new episode but I frankly don't care, I'll stay up allnite to get lucky ! :D
Great job on the illustration, I really like it ! Monterey looks a little bit young here, almost as young as littlepip. Maybe add a few wrinkles to make him look older ? Good job though !
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Awesome drawing is awesome! Got the finished sketch done a long time ago, but it looks kinda silly :P
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