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By Acesential
Holy fishy carp guys, I'm alive!

I know, mind blowing, innit?

I have some other things lined up on my plate, but once I take care of those, I should be uploading more art!

For now, enjoy a pointy pony Calpain.

The blanket burrito is trademarked to Calpain. Not really. I hope I don't get sued for saying that...
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Can't wait until Calpain sees this... :)
Acesential's avatar
Oh, he was the first person I showed! I actually made this kinda-sorta at his request. He's a good friend of mine!
ABronyAccount's avatar
You are trying to dethrone Poe as cutest blogpony.
Acesential's avatar
Calpain will take over the world!!
ABronyAccount's avatar
Your efforts can't repel kawaii of this magnitude!
Acesential's avatar
I've hugged the one known as Phoe, and still stand today. My cute resistance is pretty high. I minmax.
ABronyAccount's avatar
No wonder "timely updates" is your dump stat LAWLZ

But seriously. Victory shall belong to she, Phoe! Victorphoe!
Template93's avatar
Calpain is best burrito
revoltrv's avatar
Looks innocent... A bit too innocent... Still cute so it is innocent :3
Taco-Bandit's avatar
N'aww that's adorable!
g-master-artist's avatar
hi, i'm here to sue you
jokes :XD:
Dat innocent face
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