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Cal Payne 2: The Fall of Cal Payne

Thanks to ABronyAccount :iconabronyaccount: for the idea! I don't know why I didn't think of it in the first place! I mean, seriously, it's in Cal's name. Calpain. Cal-pain. Pain. Payne. Ding!

This was much more extensive than the Max Penn drawing, so it took much longer. Quite happy with how it came out!
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Everything ripped apart in a Manehatten minute.

Dearest of all my friends(hip is magic).

The sun went down with practiced bravado. >Twilight< crawled across the sky, laden with foreboding.

The flesh of fallen alicorns! Come to me, all!... Nightmare Moon, Discord, Sombra, Chrysalis, Tirek, Sonata, Adagio, Aria! Blood to you all!

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lol i just made a Max Mayne mlp parody to but mine is with Trixie and here i thought i was being original
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( Wake up Dash ) ..

Luna managed to wake me up after taking chrysalis bullet to the face..

( Dash? )

She was so beautiful .. I Hated her for the way she made me feel..
billymaysii's avatar
Everypony was dead.
The final gunshot was an exclamation mark on everything that had led to this point.
I released my hoof from the trigger, and it was over.
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my heart

*winces, falls over in pain*
BillyToes's avatar
Oh god, why.....
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Aaand another one. Another great piece of art))

You've catched the style of original characters very well, it's amazing. So, Mona was unicorn, huh. =)
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Hehe, thank you, once more!

I'd really like to try emulating other styles, if I can. It was a lot of fun emulating Max Payne's art style, so I should try doing the same with another game with a notable aesthetic!

You've also got some fantastic artwork yourself!
+1 watcher :3
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type in max payne gets ponies... welcome to the new internet lol.
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Yup. Things tend to get ponified pretty quick and consistently.

Thanks for being a cool guy about it, though!
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The flesh of fallen pegasi!
Helsaabi's avatar
I really like it! X3
Ponunibulator's avatar
I'm actually playing Max Payne 2:D Awesome job!
Acesential's avatar
Ahh, Max Payne 2. Very good game! Just beat it before going into Max Payne 3! It's a tough game, though. Good luck!
Mad-Mutt's avatar
This looks cool, I'm a long time Max Payne fan and this looks almost just like the real cover... If it was about ponies.
Acesential's avatar
That was the goal! Glad you like the drawing! This is one of the first times I've ever tried a high contrast, black and white style, so I'm glad it came out as well as it did!
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You did a good job.
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dat cross over. Nice work! :)
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I very much enjoy doing crossover work! Even if it doesn't make much sense!
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Max Payne 2...

Instant fave.
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A pony Max Payne 3 may be coming up... Maybe...
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