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i dont know if this is "funny" or not.

but i certainly hope a lot of you can relate.

i'm 5'4 which is short.... but still normal and i tend to wear a lot of big shoes so i never think of myself as short...till stuff like this happens

i ABSOLUTLY hate it when the cereal gets pushed to the back of the fridge and i cant reach it.
or on top shelves or anything like that.

hence why it was good to have tall people like mac (who is WELL over 6' ) around to get things for me (so i dont have to go thru the humiliation of standing on chair -__- )

it sucks i haven't used mac in a comic for a while, but he moved out in january 2010 after and epic fight with the ex (which i still dont get why they had to fight, they were both living for free for god's sake) and i really dont see him too much anymore.

BUT i tend to think of him when i need a lighbulb changed XD

kidding <3

happy sunday everyone!

also apparantly today is my DAnnivarsary.
i know because there were a shit-ton of comments left on my page XD

i had no idea it was
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FantasyDragonArt514's avatar
FantasyDragonArt514|Student General Artist
If it makes you feel better, I am only 5'2... I am short...Let Me See  Being short can be a good thing, though. It is amazing how many places I can fit into that my friends can't! 
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residentsmile's avatar
I'm 5'10. You mad yet?
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winglessEnthusiast's avatar
winglessEnthusiast|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Too tall 4 my grade
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Prettynightlife's avatar
Prettynightlife|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm 5'1 and only in 6th grade. Hopefully I don't grow anymore then that! I don't want to be taller then my crush. That would be a little weird D:
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katban's avatar
katban|Hobbyist Writer
i am 5 foot 7. the second shortest in my clanXD
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seasstryu1521's avatar
seasstryu1521|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I am 6 foot 8 inches.  I see this all the time, but I cannot relate.
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katban's avatar
katban|Hobbyist Writer
0.o...giant much.
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sonicgail's avatar
I have no idea how tall I am in the measures you use but I'm 1 meter 69 (don't you dare joke)
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billcipherGF's avatar
are you cereal
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TVPaw3366's avatar
I like cereal,cereals awesum
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dramahunter's avatar
The complete image doesn't show up on the ATcomic website.
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animegurl06's avatar
It's ok, I'm only 5'1. I just climb on the counter and hop a lot....
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thebestkindofgreed's avatar
At least you're not 5'1 like me...
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NoNeedToAsk's avatar
NoNeedToAsk|Student Photographer
Im also short, at 5'4, i always get laughed at when i cant reach stuff. This reminds me of something that happened to me once xD
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Blistex-Jaune's avatar
Blistex-Jaune|Hobbyist General Artist
I understand you. I'm only 5'. I am still climbing on chairs & tables to get EVERYTHING. Both at home & work. So, yeap. I totaly understand you x)
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Journei's avatar
Journei|Hobbyist Writer
Bah, 5'1 xD Shorties unite.
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Sharpie-luver12's avatar
:iconpfftplz: You're pretty tall to me, im 5'2!!! I usually climb up my counters because i don't like to ask help XD *smh*
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omgjashin98's avatar
I'm 5'31/2, and my dad pushes EVERYTHING to the back of the fridge.
and not to mention, he constantly tells me to get him things that are further to the ground.
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XIIINoBoDiEsVIII's avatar
iM 5 feet dont feel bad.....
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blazeb4ozzy's avatar
I feel your pain... I'm 5' 2" -_-.
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Quizity's avatar
Quizity|Hobbyist Digital Artist
5'4" is 0.1" above the average height of a woman. :) /so they say/
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Mandy689's avatar
why do people keep saying that 5'4" is short? I'm 5'4" and I think it's average height... the other people in my school are just freakishly tall!
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TheWacko4u's avatar
TheWacko4u|Student General Artist
i dont get it....
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JenFabulous's avatar
JenFabulous|Hobbyist General Artist
this is why i dont wanna move out till i get a room mate >///< lol
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