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this is the same zeon uniform ive always had

but the one brad is wearing is all new!

since that boy is a feddie thru and thru i made him one of the brown uniforms.

the cuffs still need done but this will be our formal attire for the formal dance for sugoicon!
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I look up references, I find you ;P
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aww you guys are so cute
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Wow!!! Love the outfits!! And you two are so cute together :3
1996FanGirl's avatar
The two of you are so cute!!!
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You're really pretty.
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I also like the costumes very nicely done! : O

(I think da sent my last comment twice. >>;;;; sorry.)
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Your going to sugoicon?! :O that's the one I go to. :3 I'm kindve excited now one of the people I watch actually goes to that con too~ :3 it's such an itty bitty con that's not very popular yet I've noticed, but I hope it keeps growing like it has been. :)
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ive been going for years...

but im on the fence about going this year because last year was such a terrible time.

staff was SO HORRIBLE.
they really need to upgrade to a larger venue >__<
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I've gone the last two years Ina row I wonder how I missed you! XD oh well I suppose

They were really bad last year, I noticed it too, I wonder what's up with that cause the set up was so organized and nice my first year and then last year it was just kinda crazy. O.o

I dunno I think they will eventually have to upgrade as it is getting more and more people every year, but Idk really haha.

The one thing I don't like is there's a fad every year. My first year it was organization 13 and kingdom hearts all together (which sucked cause a friend holding my costume last minute gave it away so I never got to wear it, and it was a rly nice org 13 costume. ;.;) and then last year I swear I saw at least five different hunters and one hardcore L4D zombie costume. It's nifty I suppose but I love seeing all the variety in costumes and the designs and stuff. :3

Long message was long >>;;; sry
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one of my fav events at that con is the formal dance, it was the whole reason i made those formal uniforms i mentioned in this comic.

well if you were there friday this past year the line for badges was TERRIBLE.

we go there at 3 and waited till 6 in a line... the formal event was at 7 so we left the line, got changed and just went to the dance and snuck in without a badge. i WAS NOT going to miss the event i ESPECIALLY made cosplay for.

so in turn i saved 10bucks and only got a saturday pass ^^

i thought last year there were alot of black butler cosplayers..

and you may have seen brad walking around. he was kinda hard to miss.
he was Kaku in giraffe form from one piece. [link]
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Ive never been to the formal dance, I have no formal attire haha Ive wondered what its like though. Is it just like the rave only formal? xD

I aways pre-order, and theres never any lines for the pre-order badge pick up, but I always get the glares when I walk by the line cause people are like, "SHE AINT CUTTING ME!!" and Im just kinda like, "sryz Im not cutting though haha.." its an awkward thing for me. >>;;;

I dont blame you! Id be pissed if I couldnt make it to my fav event. (The rave and artists alley~ :3)

what was your cosplay that year?

I wish I hd known more about black butler cause I would have loved to seen them, I like the series for its "WTF?.." story line.. Season one is semi-full of it, and season two is just... .______.

Actually I didnt seen that! Which is super surprising cause I saw the giant charger cosplay for L4D EVERYWHERE I went. o.o it was crazy last year though. I had a really nice organization XIII cosplay coat, with a giant zipper. >> but I forgot my wig so.. eh, I wasnt an actual character from it. ha

This year Im thinking of going as C2 for code geass. :3

Do you do more than one cosplay at anime conventions or just the one?
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Both of you look worn out. Those rings under your eyes have stories to tell I bet :lol:
Cool costumes btw.
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i have bad bathroom lighting thats all ^^;
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:O fantastic! great talent
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You guys look so cute together!
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You guys are so cute. ^_^
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oh u 2 are such a cute couple!
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You two are adorable together~
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Looking fabulous! :dance:
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oooh you two look hot together <3 Though uniforms are bloody hawt xD
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