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@deviantlounge is a DA community related group, with a focus on highlighting and showcasing various events happening around DA; whether they are from Artists and/or DA Groups.

Feel free to join our Discord Server!

  • All are welcomed to join.

  • Deviations/Journals are submitted to a vote.

  • Remember to be kind and respectful.

  • @Deviantlounge is here to support the community, as such, if you decide to submit your DA event through the Group, please also consider supporting the other events submitted through here by means of commenting/faving/sharing them.

  • Embrace the words: "Let's support each other!"


  • Featured: Events/Articles/Challenges/Contests are showcased here. [Selected by the Team]

  • Adoptables, Auctions, YCH:* Any adoptable, auction, YCH [Your Character Here] deviation or journal will be included here. This folder will be regulated by the Team.

  • Favourites: Will include deviation entries for our future contests!

*Would you like your deviation to be included there? Please send us a note via the Group.

Open to Members:

  • Art Feature Journals and Interviews: This folder is for all Art feature journals and interviews. [An art feature journal is a journal featuring one or more deviations from artists around DA].

  • Contests, Challenges, Raffles and Giveaways: This folder is for promoting any DA event such as contests, challenges, raffles and giveaways.

  • Critique and chat event: Any critique or chat event journal can go in this folder.

  • Tutorials: This folder can include all type of tutorials around DA be it art tutorials or else.

  • DA Eclipse tutorials: Can only be included in this folder tutorials about DA/Eclipse.


  • If you are interested in hosting your Auctions with us, please send us a Group note for more information.

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Come on, let's go!

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Thank you!! I appreciate this a lot!

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Ahahah, I have not seen them in ages!!! :heart: Thank you for the support!

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yay! excited! :heart:

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