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College humanStuck! EridanxChubbyFemale!Reader pt3
【Author’s Note: Hey guys! I d9n’t kn9w if y9u like this versi9n of this st9ry 9r n9t. 6ut I’m just d9ing this 6ecause I’m pretty 69red with my life… Anyways! Here’s part 3! 】
 Eridan’s Pov —
I was currently wwalking in the halls looking for (y/n). As I turned around the corner, Amelia (*Just an OC*) suddenly jumped in front of me.
“Hey babe~ Where were you?”
Before I replied, I saww (y/n) at the end of the hall. I pushed Amelia ran to (y/n), grabbing her arm.
“What the-?!”
Both of us turned and saww Amelia running towwards us. “Eridan, why are you holding that slut’s arm like that?!” she glared at (y/n).
‘Slut? Since wwhen did they started calling (y/n) a slut?!’ I turned my head to (y/n) and I swwear, I saww tear slipped from her eyes.
 Reader’s POV –
‘Why is this happening to me?!?’ I pushed Eridan away and r
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Prussia Portrait Practice by AcePiltOver Prussia Portrait Practice :iconacepiltover:AcePiltOver 0 0
College humanStuck!EridanxChubby Female!Reader p2
【Author’s note: This is the continuation of this fanfic… I was dared by my fanshipping cousin, so I ended up doing this fanfic… please don’t kill me if you hate it… you can judge me in any way; but I won’t judge you… Okay, on to the story! P.S. This is my first fanfic…】
 Reader’s POV—
You ran away after what happened in the hideout, you went inside the girl’s bathroom and cried there. ‘Why do I have to be fat?!’ you screamed in your mind. ‘Eridan will never ever feel the same. Why do I even bother getting his attention if I ended up getting rejected…? I guess I have to move on… I’ll forget Eridan and my crush on him… and then I might find a more decent guy that Eridan… Yeah, I guess I’ll do that…”
After your little debate with yourself, you wiped your teary eyes and exited the bathroom only finding a worried Tavros and Jade,
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Demon Girl (Practice) by AcePiltOver Demon Girl (Practice) :iconacepiltover:AcePiltOver 1 0 Why? (Practice) by AcePiltOver Why? (Practice) :iconacepiltover:AcePiltOver 0 0 Italy, Germany, and Prussia (Practice) by AcePiltOver Italy, Germany, and Prussia (Practice) :iconacepiltover:AcePiltOver 0 0 Italy (Practice) by AcePiltOver Italy (Practice) :iconacepiltover:AcePiltOver 0 0 Maid Outfit Italy (Practice) by AcePiltOver Maid Outfit Italy (Practice) :iconacepiltover:AcePiltOver 2 4 Garry (Practice) by AcePiltOver Garry (Practice) :iconacepiltover:AcePiltOver 2 3 Don't Cry... by AcePiltOver Don't Cry... :iconacepiltover:AcePiltOver 1 0 Yellow is EVIL. by AcePiltOver Yellow is EVIL. :iconacepiltover:AcePiltOver 1 0 Bob... by AcePiltOver Bob... :iconacepiltover:AcePiltOver 1 0 Wat's a PewDiePie? by AcePiltOver Wat's a PewDiePie? :iconacepiltover:AcePiltOver 0 0 What the FUCK?! by AcePiltOver What the FUCK?! :iconacepiltover:AcePiltOver 0 0 Balls?! by AcePiltOver Balls?! :iconacepiltover:AcePiltOver 1 0 Broccoli. by AcePiltOver Broccoli. :iconacepiltover:AcePiltOver 2 1


Welcome To the real world HSxHTxREADERxBBxAOT 6
Tears , Fears , apology , drama and Emo corner
"My sweet , sweet (Y/N) , Hand over the characters or you will never see someone again"
The voice said before a familiar voice was heard
"...(y/N) ..."
You heard , it was (crushes name) , you clenched your fists tightly as the voice continued
"you have a week , a portal will be waiting for you , if you don't hand them over after that week we will have to take them by force and you will NEVER see your boyfriend again , see ya around ~"
You heard before the Tv and Computer went back to its original state
" DAMNIT !!!!"
You yelled punching the wall really hard causing your hand to bleed , you fell to your knees as Mey-rin and some others rushed towards you
"(Y/N) !!! Your bleeding !!!"
Mey-rin exclaimed
"I'll look for some bandages !"
Matthew said as he and Kumajirou went in search
"(y/n) are you alright---"
"I'M FINE ! "
You yelled at Felinciano which caused him to flinch at
:iconhetalia524:hetalia524 46 57
Different Breed Pt4. - Demon!Dirk x Angel!Reader
*The day before at Dirk’s apartment*
  “Don’t you think you were a little harsh on (Name)?” Roxy asked. She was a little less drunk now.
“It was the right thing to do,” I said. “She would have gotten hurt if I hadn’t done something.”
“I know…” Roxy looked at the ground.
“This would be so much easier if I wasn’t a demon.” Roxy looked up at me again.
“Well why don’t you just tell her how you feel?” She asked.
“For what reason. She’ll just reject me,” I said with a solemn face. “And even if she doesn’t I could never drag her down to hell with me.”
Roxy didn’t say anything; she just looked to the ground. “What’s done is done Roxy. Now are you going to help or not?”
“What choice do I have? I can’t let you die just yet.”
  I didn’t sleep all night. Not that I really needed to anyways. I just
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America x Bullied!Abused!Reader pt.18
I heard banging on the door downstairs. I knew it was Alfred. 
"Gilbert..." I choked out through angry tears. 
"Can you tell Alfred to leave?" 
Gilbert hesitated for a minute and then got up and began to walk towards the door. 
Alfred's POV
Gilbert opened the door with a sad look on his face. I knew that he was disappointed in me but I swear that I didn't want to kiss her! She set me up! 
"Gilbert, dude please tell your sister that I wanted no part in that!" 
Gilbert just stood there looking at me. I knew he was trying to think about what he was going to do, I think he believed me. I just needed him to know that I love (name) and I would never do anything to hurt her, we've been through so much together. 
"Maybe I can believe you if you just tell me what happened." 
With a deep breath, I told him everything. 
"Your ex, Eliza, she totally pinned me against the wall and made out with me. She said she was trying to get ba
:iconblightfighter45:blightfighter45 149 88
Karkat X Troll!Reader: Part 9
Karkat's Route: Part 9
Memories and Unheard Confessions

It had passed some days since the confessions and the ‘little fight’ that (Y/n) had with Terezi, and they never talked to each other again, only if they needed to they would do it. (Y/n) now hardly talked with Gamzee, feeling sorry for rejecting him. He was precious to her, but not in that way. Eridan and Kanaya comforted the she-troll the best they could, which made (Y/n) feel really glad she had an awesome ‘sister’ and Moirail. Of course, other trolls would do it as well, such as Tavros and Sollux and some more. (Y/n) and Karkat now rarely talked as well, but they both didn’t know why.
Today, the Vantas’ were coming to the Maryam’s. It was a kind of a ‘family meeting’. But somehow, (Y/n) didn’t feel well that day. So she stayed in her room.
As the Vantas’ arrived, they asked for (Y/n).
“I’m sorry dears, but (Y/n) isn’t feeling t
:iconpatchiatchi:PatchiAtchi 133 19
Magic Mirror P2 [America x Reader x Russia]
Warning: (A/N) - This chapter may turn out to be confusing. I will just leave you off with this; Whatever America* does/says, it is Russia. Whatever Russia* does/says, it is Alfred. So for this chapter... America's Body = Russia's soul, Russia's body = America's soul. I wish you luck. I hope you don't find this chapter all too confusing. I'm not an expert in switching people's bodies. *shot* Good luck with the POV parts!
"I can't believe it! You son of a-!" Russia was about to finish his sentence until both of them looked at you.
"You can't believe what, Alfred?" America said as he smirked. "You were sneaking around in (name)'s bedroom, da?"
"What the- You were in my room?!" You glared at Alfred.
"Da. W-Wait! Nyet! Nyet! I wasn't me! It was America!" Alfred pointed to Ivan.
"Now you're pointin' fingers on me? Who's being bad now, eh, Russia?" Ivan laughed.
"What the heck is wrong with you guys?" You thought for a moment, then facepalmed. "You guys touched the mirror, didn
:iconkaori-yuka:Kaori-Yuka 102 85
Injured [Rivaille/Levi x Reader] Part 1
Injured [Reader x Levi/Rivaille]
Part 1 —— Useless
"So useless." "This is why you should stay inside the walls, idiots." "Are you making us pay tax and this is all we get?"
The ignorant citizens complained at your arrival. The expedition failed, again. Many soldiers died. You've seen the most horrible scenes. Crushed ribs, body without head, broken legs, twisted arms... You've seen all of it. The most horrible was you being a medic and unable to help them. You've saved some, but others are hopeless, you couldn't do anything. No one expected survival anyway. No one was expecting anything. Most of them have loosen hope. Not everyone. Even if it was to going through hell, you won't give up. Though, perseverance is one thing, fear is another. Your comrades died in front of your eyes. In that few mere seconds. You didn't even have time to be overwhelmed. Blood stained your body. They were falling down, so was your heart. All the way back, you were distracted. Nothing showed on y
:icondarkness637:Darkness637 57 17
Mori X Reader: To Be Free Ch.4

 Mori X Reader: To Be Free Ch.4
Swearing, Violence, Fluff
                I was annoyed by the buzzing voices around me. My mind felt fuzzy, unsure as to where I was or what was going on. I laid as still as I could, cracking my eyes open I saw the familiar lay out of the infirmary. I also saw the host club arguing with each other. My fever must have made me pass out. They were all by the door and no one was paying attention to me. My eyes scanned the room for an exit. The window. It was by my bed and it would be an easy escape. My eyes darted back to the host club members, resting my eyes on the worried face of eyes snap back to the window and my expression hardens. I have to take care of m
:icondarkened-innocence:Darkened-Innocence 224 130
(Modern AU) Levi x Reader- DT- Pillow Talk
Warning: You're about to read mature and suggesting themes
Story 9: Pillow Talk
The mattress shifted making your frown at the sudden movement. The grey blanket only covering half of you body while you hugged the large pillow next to you. You groaned as shifted your position to try as sooth the pain on your left shoulder. You sighed in contentment; you loved this type of mornings. You also knew that the man next to you would start pillow talk any minute now. As if reading your mind Levi who was still shirtless turned around still hoping not to wake you up.
You smiled as he wrapped an arm around your torso. With your eyes still closed he pulled you towards his chest. Your body stealing his warmth, you shuffle trying to again get confortable.
“You're cold”
He muttered in your hair. You chuckled and answered.
“No, you’re too hot
You said implying a double meaning, which made him chuckle. He had always enjoyed your sense of humour.  H
:iconusagii-chaan:Usagii-chaan 600 82
Hetaloid! Hetalia x Reader ~intro~
It was your birthday. one of the best days of your life. What you've been asking for though, was a Hetaloid. But, you didn't know which one you wanted, there was to many to pick from.
They were the most popular things of the century, some of your friends even had some.
you invited (friend #1),(friend #2), and (friend #3) to celebrate your birthday with you. Of course, your family as well.
~*baby timeskip of Prussian awesomeness*~
so now it was time presents. one of your most favorite times of any birthday party.
"______~ open mine first~!" (friend #1) yelled. After that, all of your friends had a miniature fight of whose present you should open first. you sighed in defeat.
"OK! how about a little game of rock-paper-scissors?" you asked. they all reluctantly agree. Until your mom butted in.
"Or, she could open her parents first. After all, we are her familly," she gave you friends an intimidating stare. everybody gulped. "Right, _____~?" she suddenly asked.
you gave a shaky nod. then yo
:iconhetafan123:hetafan123 1,159 354
2P Country Hetaloid x Reader
(Reader POV)
It was new start for me in (City) as I started to finish unpacking the last of my belongings. I just moved out of my home to live closer to my new college, which apparently was too far for me from where I was. So I packed my stuff, said good bye to my friends and family and left to (City). There’s soo many things that are knew to me and one of them was being alone. Don’t get me wrong being alone is awesome since I can do almost anything I want and not get scolded, but it feels too quiet. “Well I’m done for today” I said to myself as I but the last book on the shelf and looked at the time to see it was dinner time.
“Damn it’s that late already? Good thing I packed some food before from back home” I said as I went into the kitchen and took out (favorite food) from the fridge and heated it in the microwave. Once it was heated I went to the living room and sat down on the sofa to eat “Let’s see what’s on”
:iconlunatheninjakitty:LunaTheNinjaKitty 855 181
The Doors Intro.
"Yo ______! Where are you?!" your friend Alfred yelled as he scanned the forest in search of you.
Currently he was trying to get you to go to one of his outrageous parties, which you had no intention of going to, but he always pestered you and you detested that so you hid in the closest forest when you saw him coming.
"I guess she went inside" Alfred mumbled exiting the forest, you sighed in relief as he left and you got up to exit as well.
You tried but you slipped on your execution of the task and felt yourself tumbling farther into the bush.
What you had failed to see in the bush was the giant rabbit hole, and you were falling right into it!
You felt yourself plummet into the blackness of it, but as soon as you fell you instantly knocked out.
You slowly regained consciousness and you realized you were in a bed, when only a moment ago you had been in a forest.
"This is very odd" you murmured as you looked about the room taking in the luxurious furniture and the odd doors surrounding
:iconaewsomsause:aewsomsause 790 316
2P!England x reader ~Kidnapped~
"I choose . . . England. . ."
As soon as those words left your mouth you were wrapped up into a big
hug by the pink and blue British man. He nearly squeezed all of the air
out of you.
"Oh~! Poppet you have no idea how happy you made me~!"
You only nodded due to all the air lost. A reason you picked him
was as long as you did not eat any food he made you might get out a live.
However . . .
"I do believe I know the perfect place to take you too. Which would be
my cafe~! I'll make the best cupcakes you ever tasted~! . . .Of course,
my cupcakes are to DIE for~."
The way he said 'Die' just made you know that you might have made a bad choice.
But, the deed was done as the hyper Brit dragged you along with him to his beloved
   ~ Time Skip ~
You and 2P!England stood infront of a pink and blue styled cafe. The sign said 'CLOSED'
letting everyone know that the shop was not opened. However, when you and England entered
he did NOT flip the sign over. So you asked curiously.
:iconiexxxel-artandfic:IeXxXeL-ArtandFic 848 420
Who's Your Hero-Russia x Feared Reader x America 8
Chapter 8: Recovering Truths pt.1
It was getting late and Ivan was having a hard time staying awake due to his small body. As you watched his amethyst eyes droop from time to time you smoothed out his soft beige hair and let his head rest on your shoulder, lightly patting his back so he could finally drift off to sleep. Sighing happily a soft giggle escaped you as you walked up to your bedroom and placed him atop your bed, there you wrapped the covers over him and tucked him in. Smiling lightly to yourself you made your way back down stairs and plopped a pillow up on the edge of the couch and readied a blanket to keep you warm for the night. As you laid your head on the pillow you gazed up at the dimly lit Christmas tree, its [Christmas color/s] slowly lulled you to sleep as you fell into darkness.
However as you slept you were oblivious to the sound of little feet making their way up to you as a small hand stroked your [h/l] [h/c] hair,
“….Sleep tight, podsolnec
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.Sketch editing tutorial.soft by sakimichan .Sketch editing tutorial.soft :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 6,166 352 Coloring Tutorial by sakimichan Coloring Tutorial :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 31,110 2,102 Simplify Human Anatomy guide by sakimichan Simplify Human Anatomy guide :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 33,912 880



I don't know if anyone will be reading this but...
I just wanna tell you about small update about my very first fanfiction.

It's about a game called 'Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology', and you the main character of the story.
If you haven't played this game in PSP, well, it's a pretty old game.

Anyway that's all I can think of, because I'm still writhing it...
I'm still in the first chapter... my brothers deleted the game in my PSP and all of my saves...
I'm currently waiting for my new PSP so that I can download again and continue the story~

I'll write again for more updates~
-Ace PiltOver


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